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Thursday, November 5, 2009

You're interested in sponsoring us- and thats awesome!

There are two ways to do so-

1.) by purchasing a sponsor spot on our side bar.
2.) by donating items for reviews/giveaways.


If you are interested in Sponsoring us by purchasing an ad:

-Our blog has over 12,000 visits per month, and about 650 page views per day. Some of those hits being from repeat readers, and some being from completely unique visitors.

-You do not need to have an existing banner or button. I customize and make all of the buttons myself, so that they all match and go along with the theme of my blog, keeping things clean and tasteful (I like to make it as simple for you as possible).

-We offer our ad spaces to those of you that make and sell handmade goods (we prefer to support handmade), as well as larger companies and organizations, depending on the nature of the product (Mama/baby/family items only, please).

-We offer 300x100 size sponsor spots. The cost for the space is $6 for one month, or $10 for two.

-We accept pay pal only.


If you are interested in Sponsoring us by donating items for review/giveaway:

-The way that this works, is you send us two or more items. At least one item to review/photograph/keep/gush about, and then at least one item to giveaway.

-An example of this style giveaway can be seen by clicking here.

If you would like to purchase an ad space or do a giveaway, please contact us by email- christopherandtia@yahoo.com, or send us an etsy convo.

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