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Nothing and everything all at once.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Really, its been that long since I've written on my blog page? Well, while both of the babies are sleeping peacefully (why did I have to just say that and jinx myself), I could use a few minutes of relaxation, just me and my keyboard. I've switched gears and jumped the track from my previous routine. I've been spending more time at the gym, more time outside, more time with my family. I've got so many freckles on my shoulders it looks like I've just got hit with a mud filled water balloon. My knee has been in a brace for the past 2 weeks, thanks to surprise running injury. I thought by now I'd be better, but made the mistake of skipping up the stairs with a little too much enthusiasm, while the brace took a nap on the living room floor. Looks like a more heavy duty brace will be taking the sleepy brace's place, and my leg will remain sweaty and uncomfortable for the rest of spring, and well into summer. Christopher tested for Ssgt, but won't find out if he passed or not, until the end of August. Eleanore, the little dear, has mastered the art of fake crying, and can now flail her arms and legs in directions that shouldn't even exist while throwing a tantrum. To be a little more fair, she's also widened her vocabulary to include such sweet sayings as "please", "thank you", and "scrumptious". The trade works. Mr. Charles Vincent has survived his very first haircut, discovered my face with his hands (I have the fingernail sliced lip to prove it), and become one with his JumpeRoo. In more me related news, I mowed a lawn for the very first time ever (!!!!). I know that might sound crazy, and sheltered, but I'm proud of myself. We had a garage sale this past weekend, in attempts to rid ourselves of box hogging baby clothes for the rest of our lives, and keeping around an unused 7 year old blender. We got rained out on the 2nd day. The first day however, did go better than expected. We might take another stab at it this weekend. Ok, and every weekend until the stuff is gone? Its more difficult having a garage sale on base, since its not open to the general public. A members only garage sale. Earlier today the little girl from across the street peed in our outside playhouse. We hosed it off and let hte kids play in the hose-made "puddle". Speaking of puddle stomping, last week we had multiple flash storms. During the heaviest of downpours, I grabbed Eleanore's feet, pulled off her socks, and dragged her out into the golf ball sized water drops to dance in the humidity. When she realized how wet she was, inside we went for a bubble bath and a Little Mermaid sing along. Charlie took his first swim in a baby pool, since we're still on the topic of water. It was a naked swim, filled with cute chubby baby fat rolls and a free flowing urine fountain (wait, thats the 2nd mention of pee in this entry isn't it? Its something my world kind of revolves around these days). That's to be expected though, and cute while hes still this little. Having the silence in my house has allowed me to ramble on about everything swishing around in my brain that I've been meaning to blog about, but haven't gotten around to spelling out. Maybe next time things will make a little more sense...

Post Birthday, part 1.

Monday, May 11, 2009

I have a feeling I'm going to be writing about my 25th birthday for at least the next 3 entries. Maybe more. Probably not less. Its 7am by the way, and I've already had to go back and correct my spelling on every other word. The baby is sitting up in my lap, trying to grab my hand and pull it to his mouth. But that's not why my spelling sucks. I just thought I'd throw that in there for randoms sake.

So, last Tuesday I turned 25. I thought it would be awful, and I'd wake up with my first grey hair. I pictured myself plucking the hair, and finding new wrinkles on my face in the process. My imagination spiraled out of control and before I knew it, my mind had painted a picture of me being 80 and using a walker. Well, it ended up being the opposite. Tuesday was the absolute best birthday. Heres why:

I woke up to a fun game of follow-the-post-it, plotted by my husband. At the end of the chase, $40 cash to spend on whatever I wanted. I used to hate getting money as a gift, but these days I never get to buy anything for myself thats not in the form of groceries, so it was perfect. More gifts were nudged my way, but I didn't want to ruin my motivation for a good workout, so I took off for a 2 mile walk at the track. When I got home, my bff Kalii gave me a gift certificate for new pair of workout shoes. I haven't gotten new gym shoes since my freshman year in high school, so that was major. Christopher got me a tripod for my camera, which I had been wanting oh so badly, a new journal to fill up with memories that I seem to be constantly forgetting, and a new black zip up hoodie, since my XXL maternity hoodie seems to be a smidgen too big (I did have the baby 4 months ago), tee hee.

I read online that starting May 5, Starbucks would be offering gluten free cake. And we all know how everything that we read on the Internet is true, right? Christopher so nicely stayed in and watched the kids, while Kalii and I went out. Its been years since we've had a decent amount of best friend time, and I was, and still am so grateful for it. The Internet lied (who saw that one coming?), and the people at Starbucks looked at me like I was crazy. Maybe at some locations, gluten free cake is real, but at ours in Nowhereville, Texas, that's not the case. Well while I was there, might as well order a drink, right? It had been 2 years since I had ordered a SB beverage, and I have to admit I made a total disaster of it. First making a big deal of checking the labels, and then ordering the wrong drink and not realizing until after it was already made. To my surprise, they still gave me a 30% birthday discount, and a free size upgrade. MMM, delicious Chai tea latte with soy, you were so good to me.

Onto the sports store for my very first pair or running shoes ever. Of course I had to cause a disaster there too, and knock down a tower of clunky shoe filled boxes onto myself. I've still got the colorful bruise as an awesome reminder of my gracefulness (please see barely visible red mark in above photo). I ended up getting a pair of pink and black Adidas. The next day I learned that jogging in well-fitting running shoes is similar to jogging on big fluffy clouds, minus exercise induced asthma. Next, we stopped in at my last place of employment, Lane Bryant, to try on a new pair of pants. The pants I walked into the store wearing, were pretty baggy, and I thought maybe, just maybe I'd be able to buy a size smaller. I was actually nervous to try a new pair on, thinking that I had just worn the current pair way too often and stretched them out. I can't believe I walked out wearing the exact same style (right fit, yellow, for those of you that shop at LB), but 2 sizes smaller. What?! Clearly, the birthday gods were in my favor.

And because the power has gone out 3 times while typing this, this will have to be continued...

Me man, you snake.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I know, I know, I've been MIA for awhile. My best friend Kalii flew in from Portland last Friday. I wanted to spend as much time with her as possible. Now that I think about it, we should have had slumber parties in her room every night, rather than me sleeping with my stinky ol' husband. Oh well, next time, haha. Just one of the many exciting things that happened while she was here, was the surprise attack of a baby Rattlesnake in our backyard.

I had a hell of a time convincing my thinks-hes-superhuman husband not to catch the snake by himself with a garden hoe, and to wait for base security to come get it. The last thing I wanted the day before my birthday, was to take my augmentative husband to the ER with life threatening Rattlesnake poisoning. Yes, I admit I'm selfish and was thinking of the outcome of my birthday, but seriously honey, leave the damn snake alone and go finish mowing the lawn, please? I know anything poisonous instantly flips your personal man-challenge switch, so I'll drop it right after I type this, but for future reference, baby Rattlesnake = bad. Lets leave it at that?