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Go, Number 26! And Confessions Of A Sucky Mom.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Charlie is down for a nap, Evelyn is chasing a little rubber ball across the house, from one end and back again, and I'm soaking up all of the sugar cookie scentsy that my nostrils can handle, in between nose blows and sips of water. Its been a long morning. But I got the first round of dishes done before we headed off to school, so at least that was out of the way. I'll be really glad when they finally replace our busted dishwasher for a working one.

Enough of my chitter chatter though.

Have I mentioned how I'm a soccer Mom?

Because I totally am.

Eleanore has practice twice a week, and games on Saturdays. Her practice is just down the street, at the youth center here on base. Her games though, are clear across town at a giant multi field soccer center. Not like, 3 or 4 fields, but like- hundreds. That place is insane.

Her first game was last Saturday. YAY ELIE! She did so great.

But let me chime in and break up the hurrah for a moment of honesty- in the beginning I was disappointed in my daughter. I was being an awful selfish Mom, who was heartbroken when her daughter just watched the ball roll past her, instead of going after it and scoring a goal. I sigh'd every time she fell behind, and I got frustrated every time she ignored me when I explained the game to her. I, was, mad. And it wasn't fair of me. And I know that. And I suck. And I'm sorry.

But between running around the field taking pictures through the clouds of soccer blown dust, and sitting beside the other parents on the hot tin bleachers who were cheering on their kids, I realized something: Eleanore is a rock star. ...Okay, so shes maybe not a soccer rock star, but- a rock star nonetheless.

I'm about to put this next part in bold, and make it all huge, because while it didn't take me long to figure it out, I'm embarrassed that I ever thought otherwise at all: She tried.

Her version of trying wasn't exactly what I had imagined in my head when we initially signed up- she wasn't running after goals, or trying to steal the ball from the other team- heck I don't think she even kicked it once, except for when the coach handed it to her, but- she was trying. It was 100 degrees or more out on that field, and she never once gave up. She ran in the same direction as the other girls, she followed the rules of not using her hands, and she played.

Soooo, maybe shes not cut out to be a soccer champion (neither was I, and neither was Christopher), but she stuck through it, and never once called it quits.

And for that, I am overwhelmed with pride.
I'm ready to be the Mom that rocks the tacky soccer sticker on the back of the mini van now, k thanks.

On with the show...

So excited to head off to the fields- she never smiles at the camera like that.

Gettin' all geared up.

Stretching out. We don't want any pulled hamstrings, do we?

Running out onto the field to start the game! How exciting is this?!

Aaaand, this was 2 seconds later after she fell and got grass burned.

All 3 of the girls holding hands, getting ready to battle with the pink team!

Note: the teams are larger than 3 girls, but to make it easier on them, they split the teams up and had 2 games going on either side of the bleachers. Confusing? Yeah a little.

This was our field. It was pretty awesome when the clouds started rolling in.

Evelyn was there, and she was mad.

Yeah yeah, and so was Charlie.

And me too (being there, I mean, not mad), hiding behind my camera like always, while simultaneously getting all sorts of stupid sun burnt.

Oh! Oh! Its Elie's turn to kick the ball in! Goooo Elie! *shouted obnoxiously with hands cupped around mouth*

Getting coached.

Picking her nose.

Playing with dirt.

They had water breaks in between quarters. Poor kids were melting out there.

But no matter how hot it got, they toughed it out.

And eventually the game was over, and they all got to line up and do that "good game, good game" thing.

And then, snack!

Heck yes, little girl. Eat that fruit!

Did I mention that they lost?

Right, thats because this girl on the other team, was a very well coordinated ball hogger. I swear she was at least 7, psh.

And having people pose for pictures isn't really my thing, but- turn around and SAY CHEESE!

The walk back to the car with your Dad is always something special.

Goodnight soccer fields- we'll see ya next week.

Go team!

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