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Giraffes, A Soccer Boo Boo, and Watching Stripes Alone While My Husband Sleeps At My Feet

Friday, September 30, 2011

A couple of unedited pictures from our day...

We spent the morning at the zoo. Evelyn on my back in the ergo, Charlie walking hand in hand with Daddy.

There were giraffes with crazy tongues, talking snakes, and swirly tailed Rios. Also, a field trip full of 5th graders.

I saw a bobcat on the way home.

Evelyn wore a tutu today. I wore pajama pants?

Eleanore got a gold star at school, a bag of rocks from her brother, and a care bears hat from her bff.

Alexis and Wednesday played in the shade with us, while seesaw's boyfriend napped in the backseat. You snooze you lose. ... and there was talk of dinner parties and ghost paintings.

Eleanore showed off her soccer boo boo in the yard. Later on we pinned her down in the kitchen and pulled a branch out of her knee.

Tomorrow we start the documentary of my diagnosis. Sunday, maybe a movie date? And when Monday gets here, a road trip to the beginning of my recovery.

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