Sunday, January 8, 2012

In the afternoon, Eleanore was having a bit of a temper tantrum because nobody was paying attention to her. Evelyn and Charlie were upstairs napping, I was making a meal plan and shopping list, and Christopher was up to his elbows in a sloppy mixture of homemade oven cleaner and the leftover dinner grease from the past 3 1/2 years. We felt this was a good time for her to entertain herself for a bit.

Too bad she didn't agree.

She had earlier said some mean things to Christopher, so he had run to the couch in an over dramatic way, and thrown himself into the cushions with a good fake moan of tears. It was ridiculous. So later on when she was really wanting to let us know how upset she was- she did the same thing. Only, she chose to do it under the train table.

I would have just ignored it (or laughed at it, which is what I did from where I sat at the kitchen table), but Christopher is a softy, and got under the cluttered train table with her. It was sweet, the way that he played along and put on a show for her in order to snap her out of her funk- its exactly what she needed. Distraction almost always works. The sillier the better.

When I took her with me to the commissary after my meal plan was made- I'm sorry, I'm finding it hard to concentrate right now, because my husband just downloaded Linkin Parks entire discography onto his phone (why?!), and they're nagging at the left side of my head while I type this.

Anyways. When I took Elie to the commissary with me after my meal plan was made, I had to voilently tickle her in 3 different aisles, to get her to snap out of her "you won't buy me a stupid cars movie themed mylar balloon and I hate you" fit.

Also, rice cakes were on sale for $1 a bag. I bought like 20 bags. How could I pass up that deal?

Oh, and we somehow managed to walk away from the van without closing the side door, so when we got back to it after shopping- yeah it was still open. Good to know, that it won't just close itself. Also, good to know that the kind people of Dyess AFB feel no need to steal muddy baby blankets that have been stomped all over, or obnoxious talking toy laptops that repeat the same thing over and over again, no matter how many times you hit the back of it or replace the batteries.

Alright, I've had just about all the Linkin Park I can take for one night. The only way hes going to turn it off, is if I shut the computer and go watch and Sense and Sensibility with him. His choice, not mine.

No. Thats real.

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