Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sometime after our yummy brown rice and broccoli lunch, I mustered up the energy to drive down the access road to the health food store. And because Christopher had decided that he wanted to scrub the stairs with boiling water (hey- whatever it takes to get this house ready) and the two younger ones were down for naps, I thought maybe bringing the oldest along as a helper might be nice.

Our shopping list looked something like this:

-chia seeds
-coconut sugar
-dried strawberries
-date rolls
-organic coffee
-flax puffs
-green crunchies
-goat cheese

And of course there were a few things not on the list that found their way into our cart- things that either I forgot to write down, or decided worthy along the way.

And wait- did I just say "goat cheese" ??

I hate goats, by the way.

Its been so long since I stood before a shelf of yogurt, I didn't even remember what I was looking for once I got there. Eleanore picked out a few flavors of coconut yogurt for herself and brother and sister to have, and I grabbed a cup of plain goats yogurt to toss into a morning smoothie.

I need milk sugars? I don't remember why, but- we'll start with just a spoonful a day, for a few days, and we'll go from there? I don't have high hopes, but I do have trust.

Elie got a little out of control towards the end of the shopping trip. She had been carrying around an over sized macaroon cookie the entire time, knowing that if she was good, I'd let her have it. So every time she got too crazy, I reminded her "theres a cookie in your hands, and it could be in your mouth if you bring it back down a notch!".

And that totally worked.
Heh. Bribery.

A nice little outting- for the kingdom of girls.

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