Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I have to remind myself that this project is about capturing the everyday moments, not the everyday. Its natural for me to want to document my babies every waking moment- their entire lives from the moment they wake to the moment they close their eyes- but, when I look at the big picture, I need a nudge in the direction of remembering the little things that might slip through the cracks in my memory, rather than trying to remember the entire day, every day.

Still recovering from his ear infection (and a rather hard tantrum that took place upon saying goodbye to our old house this morning), Charlie came to me before lunch, lovey looped under his arm, and asked me to read him a story. But what that really meant, was that he wanted to take a nap. The word "nap" is too voilent to speak, so we talk in code. "Lay down", "rest", "quiet time", but... the one that seems to work best for him is "read me a story".

So I read him a story, just like he asked. Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site. And upon leaving his room, I covered him up with his blankets, turned the heat up, and closed the door behind me.

A happy little girl (as happy as she can be with an upper respitory infection, I suppose), on her way home from a very important rescue mission. I crouched in the shadows, leaning up against the cold brick, just so that I could see that brilliant lit up little baby face as it rounded the corner.

So who were we saving??

Well stinky, of course!!

At one point we had bought an extra one of these- brown and grey spotted plush giraffe by Carters (the original being a gift from Grauntie Laurie, the double being found on ebay)- but somehow we lost it.

And then today, we lost the real deal.

This happens daily. Every single day, at least once, Evelyn cries and cries and we can't figure out why- when suddenly we realize that shes not holding her stinky. So we trace our steps, and we look under beds, and- today he was at the commissary. I bet they found him somewhere around the naked juice and spinach.

Gotta love the stink :)

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