Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Once a Dyess Jet, always a Dyess Jet.

...ok I totally just made that up and I'm not sure what I even really wanted it to mean, but-

Today was Eleanore's last day at her school. I still remember (and very clearly, might I add) what it was like on my last day of first grade in Vancouver, before making the move to Woodland. It was a big deal. In my mind, everyone was jumping up and down cheering for me, throwing confetti into the air while they sang "for shes a jolly good fellow" (which they actually did sing). There were giant teddy bears walking around (which isn't nearly as creepy as it sounds) carrying trays loaded with fancy decorated cupcakes sprinkled with bits of oreos and butterfinger bars. There was a record player somewhere in the room, playing old old silent movie music, and we were all skipping and dancing happily, just a little bit quicker, and with maybe a bit of sepia overlay.

Okay so maybe thats not how it actually happened, but- thats how I remember it.

And Eleanore, who has a BIG imagination, especially when it comes to the world and how it revolves around her, I'm sure had a very similar afternoon to the one that I had back in 1991.

The reality was- I sent her with 2 packages of gluten free cookies to pass out with her teacher at snack time, and that was the extent of the partying, but- they were extra special cookies, because of all of the friends that she got to enjoy them with.

We picked her up from school half an hour early, to add a bit of drama to the conclusion.

I kind of wish I would have taken my camera to her school, but it was cold and rainy and I was huddled in front of the car heater sucking on little tiny corn fruit candies from a tin that I found in the center console.

But the first thing we did when we got "home", was pop a bag of popcorn in the bean splattered microwave, and watch the kids devour it, as I rejoiced in the fact that I could actually smell it (the first thing I've smelt in dayyys).

Gosh, kids love popcorn.
Do you remember loving popcorn that much?
I do.
I still do.
Who doesn't?

I made some for the kids the other day when Elie had a friend over, and I snuck a piece. And wouldn't you know, that one piece got stuck in my throat and I choked on it for half an hour, because no matter how much water I drank, it just wouldn't go down. But even though my brush encounter with it nearly killed me- I still love it!

Popcorn = love.

We looked it up online, and Eleanore's new school also has the mascot of a Jet. That = love, too.

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