Monday, January 23, 2012

Evelyn is having a hard time with all of this. The hardest part of all- her biggest disadvantage: ...she can't talk yet, sooo- she can't find the words to tell me how shes feeling, or what she needs.

Sleeping in a pack 'n play in a dark room- shes still got her music player, but nothing else is the same. Sitting in a wooden resturaunt style booster seat- not she ever eats anything other than green crunchies anyways. Daddy doesn't come home at his regularly scheduled eating times. No Kitty Bomber to snuggle up to. ...where is our house? ...where are my things? ...how come this bathroom and bath tub is so dark inside? I don't like it.

Poor baby. And all of this while being sick. Because when Mama get sick- baby gets sick. Not only did she have the fever and runny nose combo, but now shes got a chesty cough to show for it. And if Mama's got tummy troubles, then wpuldn't you know- baby does too.

But on the semi bright side of things- there is a whole kitchen full of drawers and cabinets to open. And none of them are childproofed :)

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