Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Its 8:00pm on an average Tuesday night, and I can barely keep my eyes open. I took a few pictures throughout the day, trying to get my #10, but as always, I can't pick just one. So far my 366 project has been going well. I've made more of an effort to pick up the camera every day, and photograph the kids exactly how they are.

Even though she was sooooo tired, Eleanore came downstairs for her breakfast of blueberry oatmeal, wearing one of her very favorite kitty shirts, very dissapointed about the lack of last nights snowfall.

Miss Evelyn can't seem to keep her paws off of the dvds. I guess theres sort of a lack of things in the house right now, what with half of our stuff being in boxes. Shes taken apart those same cases 100 times in the last week.

Delicious carrot soup for dinner. The kids like to dip their rice cakes into it.

In between songs on my Elton John radio station, I peeked outside to see what Christopher and the babies were up to. Playing with coupe cars and tractors- enjoying the last of the days light.

Since when is my 5 year old baby girl, a teenager? Look at her laying there in her space (whats left of it, at least), playing video games in skinny jeans. I love this picture.

Oh good- its not only dinner, but its a hat!

At least she ate something more than Mama's milk and rice cakes tonight.

Up the stairs, into the bathroom, time to get clean clean clean clean.

#10 was a good day.

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