Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I love how the blackbirds collect on the fences in the back yards every morning. They sit in the empty tree branches, on the frosty roof tops, and line up along the boards that separate our houses. Sometimes through the kitchen window, I see them take off and land out of the corner of my eye- it either makes me jump, because I think its a person- or it makes me drift to the window for some coffee cup holding bird watching time.

I still don't think they've eaten the ornaments off of our front tree, by the way. So that kind of sucks.

Eleanore is away at kindergarten during the day now, so the two younger ones have gotten plenty of time to grow on each other. It used to be, that Evelyn couldn't come anywhere near Charlie without him screaming and running away. She was so in love with having a big brother, and he wanted nothing to do with her. I'd be sitting on the floor by a blanket, changing his diaper, and she'd see him there, helpless, and no matter where she was in the house, she'd somehow know, and she'd come crawling from wherever she was, as fast as she could.

Slowly, over time, he got used to this. I'll never forget the day that I noticed their legs were touching in the side by side double stroller, as we walked Elie to school. Finally, he didn't hate her.

He gave her an inch, so she took a mile.

The two beast babies fight over, everything. If hes got it, she wants it. If shes got it, he wants it.

Ok but sometimes she can be kind of a bully. Today she almost took my eye out with a dinosaur tail.

So bad baby went to time out.

And time out, for now, is just a cozy area in the middle of a room full of boxes, where she can sit with her binky and (super)stinky, and sulk. And calm down. Or cry. Or scream at me. Or... throw more dinosaurs at me, and nearly take out my other eye. Dangit Evelyn!

Charlie was pretty happy though, being able to go back to his happy place, stacking up box towers on the train table, without fear of bully baby interception.

And I mean, how bad is time out really, when you're 17 months old and surrounded by song singing computers and fluffy purple baby dolls?

Lets distract everyone from their boo hoo's with lunch, shall we?
Also, I'm hiding all dinosaurs.

Okay, well- all we have is leftovers, and we really don't even have enough of those, so- yummm, hard boiled eggies with herbimare instead of salt! Mommy is adventurous!

Evelyn hates it.

Well of course she does- she hates everything.

Ok you know what? Its time for bed! Evelyn is throwing her egg against the wall, Charlie is digging as his with a red plastic spiderman spoon, and if I don't take some tylenol soon, I'm going to need a time out in the cushy baby doll filled play pen.

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