Life Is Good

Monday, December 12, 2011

Its been two months since I've seen this update screen. ...Two months since I've typed to an unidentified audience. Two months since I've been able to pull sets of words from different corners of my mind to form sentences that would eventually come together to make up a short story of my life. Two months since I've shared photos, two months since I've shared feelings, two months since I've put it all out there.

I can hear Christopher upstairs teaching Eleanore how to play Rock, Paper, Scissors, while they take a bath. Its adorable. It sounds exactly like all of those happy feelings that we feel the moment we see our newborn baby for the first time. All of the things that you imagine your life will be like- thats how my life is. Right now at least.

Alright, enough chitter chatter. ...I owe you an explanation.

Or do I?

Yeah, okay, I feel I do.

This is my blog. My own little typing space. This is my life. That means that I call the shots. If I want to go on a two month crazy lady hiatus, well then dangit, I'm gonna. That being said though- I realize I did sort of abandon what I had going on here- and that means maybe abandoning you.

See I forget that people might actually read what I write. I forget that there are faces and hearts on the other end of this screen, who have in a way, been invited over (on numerous occasions), to hang out with, and spend time with my family and I. I've let you into my world, and then without much of a warning, I shut you out.

So for that, I'm sorry.

And sadly, that explanation that I feel that I owe you, just isn't coming today.

I've taken a nice break though, I've had plenty of time to myself. I think I'm ready to pick up where I left off. It might be a little bit different- I might be a little more reclusive, I might not share quite as often as I once did, but- I'm too in love with writing to call it quits for good.

Life is good.

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