Our Last Trip To Our Abilene Pumpkin Patch

Monday, October 24, 2011

I'll never forget our first year in Abilene, driving around town with Christopher's sister Steph, desperately searching for anything that might somewhat resemble a pumpkin patch.

We went home empty handed that day- frustrated and severely out of spirit. I'm pretty sure we ended up buying a pumpkin out of the bottom of a dirt filled wooden box at Walmart, and I don't think it ever got carved anyways, but- I remember being upset.

The next year we skipped pumpkin hunting altogether, but the year following that, we found our beloved pumpkin patch. And its been a tradition ever since.

And this year was no different. Between attacks from the beastly flu, soccer practices and games, jury duty downtown, and anything else that tried to get in our way- we took our annual trip down Clack St, and let the babies pick out their own gourds for carving.

Theres just something so magical about watching your kidlets run about in a field (or in this case, a glorified front yard), looking for just the right one...

Eleanore was moving so fast, from lump to bump, I was lucky that she made it into even one photo. Evelyn got a little baby pumpkin that her big brother picked out for her, and Charlie, who by the end of the trip was feeling the full effects of the impending flu, took whatever pumpkin we handed him.

We might have missed the hay ride this year, but maybe we'll try to go back? Either way- we had a great time watching the sun go down together, glaring off of each and every orange globe in the field.

For a trip down memory lane, here are the links to our past pumpkin patch trips:
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Next year at this time, we'll live in a new place, with new patch to discover.
Bittersweet, it is.

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