Going To The Park

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I was in kind of a crap mood earlier. I don't know why- maybe because I have pink eye (thanks, girls!), maybe because I hadn't left the house for anything other than grocery shopping in awhile, maybe because I was wearing my husbands over sized comfortable hoodie and it was making me too cozy to function- either way, I was a grouch, and nobody wanted to be around me.

So upon looking at myself in the mirror (even though I look like Quasimodo right now), I mouthed the words "don't suck" to myself, and then emerged a happy being, and thought "gee, its a fairly nice day outside- finally- maybe we could go to the park?".

Well hot dog, Mama! We haven't been to the park in at least a month. We haven't been to the Big Green one it probably two!

So I pulled Eleanore away from her upstairs airplane crafting, Charlie threw himself into Lightning McQueen mode and raced towards the door, and Evelyn toddled herself into her heart hoodie and reached "up!" for me to carry her to the stroller. And then we went.

And not only did we go, but- I documented it.

Its been so long since I've taken my camera somewhere with us and shot off a couple rounds of photos. Usually its just a photo here, and a photo there, but- its been a long time since the kids had their own little photo session. It was long overdue. I really enjoyed it.

Christopher and the younger ones played on the swings. It took me a minute to notice that the baby was on his shoulders, rather than in his lap. I had a brief moment of panic, but- just look at how much fun shes having up there. I couldn't rain on that parade.

Eleanore had fallen and scraped her knee- and it was really no big deal. But because she had scraped that same knee a day or two ago, she put on the pout and had herself a pitty party on the slide. Poor wittle baby.

Whoa whoa whoa- Evelyn, look at you, little explorer! The green tunnels have always been there, but you've never really payed them any attention until today. Very cute, to watch you crawl through, peek out, stand up, and fight your way past the evil brother monster.

And speaking of the evil brother monster...

A good friend's Mom (Hi Gay!) made the comment the other night, about how much Charlie has grown since last summer. About how his baby face is gone, and hes growing up into a little boy. ...looking at these pictures- I see it.

Can you believe he'll be three in a week??

There is nothing better, than playing with a pile of sticks.

There were other kids at the park, but none of them Eleanore's age. They were all big kids- 9, 10? Twice her size. And the poor thing, she just doesn't understand. "I just want to play Monsters, and nobody wants to play Monsters with me.", she pouted on the sidewalk with her kitty. Brother does! we reminded her, but- its just not the same.

Coming to the park is hit or miss with Eleanore. Either shes happy and she loves it, or its the most awful place that ever was. And today, it was a little bit of both. It was wonderland until the big kids came. She was so so excited to see them, and couldn't wait to be their new best friend...

and then she was crushed when they showed no interest in her.

Its hard, seeing our little ones ache the way that they do. We remember how bad it feels.

So we did what we always do- acted as if those big kids weren't worth the time of day, and carried on merrily.

Or maybe not, so merrily.

The baby walks now, in case you hadn't noticed, just thought I'd point that out. That big ol' bruise on her noggin is from a sister meets hugs meets slippery hardwood floors meets etchasketch to face. It was vicious, but shes on the mend.

Toddle toddle toddle.

Gosh hes handsome. We're trying to let his hair grow out. We took him in for a trim, but- as you can see, it didn't get trimmed. Tantrums win when it comes to me and the hair salon. Its not a battle I care to fight. You want long messy hair? Fine. I've got dreadlocks, so what do I care if you look like a hipster caveboy.

Going up the stairs has always been easy, but- its coming back down, thats the tricky part.

Wheres the baby?
Oh there she is.

Aww, see! Its not so bad after all, Miss attitude Eleanore.

A fun trip to the park indeed. Bad moods averted.

Until the walk home, at least.

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