A Tour Of Our Kitchen

Monday, August 8, 2011

The other day when we came home from our Wednesday trip to the commissary (we go twice a week), I couldn't stand the sight of the inside of the fridge- loose pieces of broccoli, smushed up grapes lingering towards the back, some kind of nuclear mold growing in the crisper- so I sprang into action right then and there, enlisting my husband as my assistant (because I'm sure thats how he wanted to spend his afternoon).

And once everything got put away back inside, set neatly onto the nice clean shelves, I thought to myself "hmm... maybe I should take a picture while it lasts".

So I did. I took a few, actually.

I've gotten more than one email recently, with questions about our diet. So let me take you on a tour of our kitchen?

...it looks kind of ...bare, right?

Its actually quite full, in that picture, seeing as how we just came from the store. This is what our fridge looks like when its packed. Don't mind the middle door shelf, we were holding some stuff for friends.

Lets take a closer look, shall we?

Grapes. We go through about 3 bags a week. We prefer the really large/crunchy ones, and they always have to be red (green simply will not do), but- Miss Eleanore can be such a picky pants if they're even the least bit soggy or sour. Not that I can really blame her.

Christopher's got some sauces there that he can't seem to shake. He goes back and forth between sauce-or-no-sauce.

We've got the coconut aminos to go with sushi, which we haven't eaten in probably 2 months. And even the last time we ate it, I couldn't stomach the aminos, so-

Hot sauces- I wish he'd just get rid of them already. They don't do him any good, other than making his nose run and giving him terrible gas. But he likes how they taste (because I'm not going to lie, our diet is a bit bland sometimes), so I don't give him a hard time. Until, that is, he starts complaining about how they make him feel, and suggesting that he should stop eating them- well then then I have no problems agreeing :)

Broccoli. We buy it by the case. Sometimes two cases a week. That case right there, was only $16. Not bad, right?! I wish there was a produce wholesaler around here, but- Oh well. The commissary has been really awesome about supplying us with the best deals in town.

Nut butters: Sometimes. We've got the unsweetened sunbutter to go on celery, or sometimes bananas, for the kids. The other nut butters are too thick to really spread, so they're just there for snacking. And then the tahini is mostly for raw cheese sauces and mock hummus.

And what would a vegans fridge be without some lettuce?! We get 3 or so heads of romaine a week. I ate almost a whole one myself last night.

The bottoms drawers are filled with nuts and seeds, carrots, and zucchini. We like to stay stocked up on almonds and cashews, sunflower and pumpkin seeds. And then zucchini and carrots are a given.

(unseen: scallions cilantro and parsley in the fridge, and a large assortment of bulk spices in the cabinet)

Lets back up and take a look at the counters now.

We don't eat bananas until they've started to spot. They're easier for the body to digest at that point. So sitting on our counter is an assortment of bananas from green to yellow. When I took this picture, we hadn't yet gotten our fresh case put away, so I just snapped a shot of the box resting on the floor.

Usually we pay about $18 per case, so- as you can see, we got ourselves quite the deal today!

They don't make coupons for produce- we're easily excited when they offer us sales.

Aaand last stop- the fruit corner.

We go through a case of navel oranges, and a case of apples- per week. We get one or two golden pineapple, a good sized sasquatch handful of mangoes, a decent mound of avocado, lemons and limes.

Oh, and our potatoes, too. We eat them once a week. Sometimes the rest of the family will eat them more than that, but- I hate peeling them, I hate steaming them, I hate how heavy they make me feel. But I love how they taste. (Self dicipline, people!)

I know it might look kind of weird. The people at the store sure have a lot of questions. And maybe some of you did too? Or, still do? Emails are welcome. I know its a bit extreme, but it works for us. Charlie gained 3 pounds in the last 3 months, and has recovered from all of his digestive problems.

Having a fridge stocked with grapes and tahini, helps us live our simple kind of life.

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