Whats For Breakfast

Friday, July 22, 2011

I know that a lot of people wonder what we eat, when I tell them that we're raw vegans. "So like... what do you have for breakfast then?", they usually ask. Nobody asks about lunch or dinner, which are actually our more complicated meals, and have been known to stress me out way more than they should (because seriously, what the heck am I going to send my child to school with?), they all want to know about breakfast.

We eat fruit.

Breakfast = fruit, always. No nuts, no grains, no fats, no veggies (unless we're stuffing some celery or kale into a green smoothie). Just fruits.

And then sometimes comes the "but where do you get your protein?" question, followed by "but aren't you still hungry?" question, and- lets just put an end to this right here and right now, even-though-I-know-I'm-still-totally-going-to-get-asked-and-thats-okay... we eat more than enough, and very often, to get filled up on all of the healthy goodness that we need. We eat a ton. Its all there. And whats not, we make up for in vitamins. Trust me? I know what I'm doing.

Lots, and lots, and lots- of fruit. Sometimes the kids eat it, sometimes they don't. Every morning I juice 10-14 navel oranges- Charlie drinks his in his rocket ship sippy, Elie drinks hers from a cup with straw- and then load up their plates of sliced fruit pieces.

Every morning differs, with the exception of bananas. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, but- bananas are our biggest staple. They're like our bread. And dates are like our butter (we just ordered 20 pounds from a farm in california, and they are beautiful!).

Eleanore doesn't like mango or kiwi. And if she doesn't, then Charlie doesn't, even though he really does. So sometimes we have picked apart plates left with soggy messes of squarshed up colors. Sometimes the leftovers get tossed into the trash, but usually they end up in the vita mix, going whirly whirl right into a big jar of Christopher's mid morning snack.

And while its a struggle, sometimes, to eat the same things over and over again- its better than the way that we were eating before (remember biscuits and gravy? I do miss that). The kids are all happy, and healthy. And even if they weren't happy, because they're kids and sometimes they're just, not- they're healthy. And through being healthy, they'll find happiness anyways. At least I have.

Plus, look at Miss Elie up there. She looks like shes doing just fine :)

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