Washin' Ye Old Car

Monday, July 25, 2011

We've all been in a funk lately. Maybe its the 50 or more days in a row of temperatures over 100 degrees, keeping us locked up inside the house begging for attention from a cloudy cool day- or maybe its the lack of adventure, or the simple diet, or the fact that we know that we're leaving this base soon but can't control the clock or the calander... whatever it is, things over here have kinda been sucking.

So to try to snap ourselves out of it, last night when the sun was on its way to the lower part of the sky, we armed ourselves with the hose, and braved the roaring heat.

We went out to give the Night Fury a bath.

No silly, Evelyn isn't the Night Fury, I think her dragon name would probably be something more along the lines of snow fury, because look at that blinding white tooshie. ...or maybe that would be more of an Eskimo name? I should just start calling her Eskimo. Our van is the Night Fury.

We've had our van since last November, and haven't washed it once. Dad, if you're reading this, I know the look you're giving the screen. It was long overdue for a scrub.

So the Eskimo was sort of stuck in her igloo while everyone else got to go off and have fun. You'd think that splashing around in a half an inch of water would be fun, but- pfffft, think again.

I had to sit beside her and entertain her. The moment I stopped talking or splashing the water around with my fingertips (in an attempt to show her that it really wasn't so bad), she'd try to escape.

If the concrete wasn't so hot, and if she wasn't such a garbage mouth, I'd be more than happy to set her free and let her scrape up those beautiful pudgy knees of hers on the driveway, but- lets just play it safe in our plastic blow up pool for now, kay baby?

Charlie stripped down and geared up to do the washing.

And as soon as the sun went down behind the roof of the house at the end of Indiana street, we celebrated the shade with suds and rinsing water. We being them.

Hey wait a minute? ...whered the baby go?

Get the dang shoe out of your mouth! Would you stop it already?!

...she'll literally beaver tooth that pretty pink sandal down to be nothing more than a pile of fluffy rubber confetti, if we don't take it away.

But the best part of the night, was probably when Eleanore got her Daddy good, right smack dab in the face with the hose. Well, bouncing off of her hand, but- I have a feeling that she put quite a bit of thought into that one.

*high five Miss Eleanore*

And an hour or two later, when we were picking all of our soggy clothes off of the settling pavement, Christopher put his hat on my head, and said "you've been taking pictures this whole time, now its time for you to be in a picture", and away he clicked.

Its far from being my best, but 10 years from now I won't care. I'll just want to remember the hot summer night that we spent washing our wheeled dragon, while the eskimo kept trying to eat flip flops, and the kids took turn spraying Daddy in the face with hose water.

Now lets go find a dusty road to drive down, so that we can do it all over again.

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