He Didn't Want Cake This Year?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Christopher specifically requested a large banana split for his birthday. Topped with coconut.

Ask, my dear, and ye shall receive.

The ice cream was made from frozen bananas, blended in the vita mix in 3 separate batches. He wanted neapolitan. I made the strawberry by soaking dried strawberries for 20 minutes, and then blending with the frozen bananas. I split open 2 vanilla beans and added to the frozen B's for the white ice cream. And chocolate with a dash of agave added to frozen bananas for the chocolate. I topped it all off with a homemade raw vegan chocolate sauce (cocoa powder, agave, water), "caramel" date sauce, coconut sprinkles, and of course- what would a banana split be, without splits of banana?

...Happy 27th birthday Christopher!! Sucks that you had to work for 3 hours, but it was pretty awesome geeking out to the Fast and the Furious with you. The Night Fury could obviously take any of those cars.

Also, don't ever forget the really great text message that your Dad sent to you. Because I know how much it really meant to you.

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