Shoveling Snow Kid Style

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Before I even begin this post, can we just take a look at something real quick?

Okay we can move on now.

On Saturday, we were finally able to leave the house. For the first time since Monday. We were stuck inside for four solid days. By the end of the 4th day, we had run completely out of milk, eggs, and cereal, and were eating a watery version of a cornmeal pancake for dinner. I'm sorry for that, children, but you survived didn't you?

When the sun came out on Saturday and we were able to get into the van and go, we went. There were still icy patches here and there, I maybe slid a little bit more than I would have liked to near a stop sign, but we made it down the street to the commissary (a perk of living on base) safely.

The kids however, thought we were going there to play in the snow?

Charlie and Eleanore were pretend ice skating on the frozen patches, to the point of Charlie's shoe coming off and half of his body getting soaked. Luckily, that happened on the way out of the store, but- it sure made things difficult when it came time to go inside.

He wanted to stay out and play, but he was soaked so had to get a change of clothes, but then how come sister got to stay out when he had to go in, well because she didn't lose her shoe in a parking lot puddle full of ice- thats why!

A new pair of socks/pants/shoes later- and everyone was outside, shoveling and shuffling around all of the snow they could get their gloveless hands on, before it all melted (its snowing again, as I type this, by the way).

Sooo, we've got more snow pictures.

Scooping it up.

Shes sharing it with you!

And this thing.

And picking up leaves.

So then Charlie comes into the picture.

Steals the spotlight and starts walkin' around like bigfoot.

Gives me a whole lotta shots that showcase the back of his precious little head.

And then he starts innocently dumping snow on my legs (like he doesn't know its freezing and I hate it).

Hah Hah, Mommy! You're covered in snow and I'm laughing because hah hah at yooou!

And then the line between our driveway and the side yard suddenly become a balance beam? In which he lost interest in real quick.

And in the end they were playing together (sort of), digging holes in the cold and filling them back up again- enjoying the last of our fun February blizzard.

...but I'm not so sad to see the snow shadow melt.

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