Lesson Learned

Monday, February 7, 2011

It snowed again last night. Not a lot, but enough to cover the grass. So this morning after eating our breakfast of oatmeal/rice porridge, I suggested that the kids go out and play in it.

Christopher walked past me, as I was strapping the velcro on Charlie's shoes closed, holding a big bundle of baby wrapped up in her thickest blanket.

"...where do you think you're taking the baby?" I asked.

After all, I was wearing my slippers. And not just any old slippers. My big green comfy old lady slippers. Ya know, the ones that my Aunt made me.

Christopher would have to take the older kids out, while the baby and I stayed inside. It was clearly the only way.

I help put their hats on, zip up jackets, and pat them on the butt as I push them out the door. Have fun!!

...ah, silence.
Time to relax.

Until they all came back in, sloshing ice around by the front door, half of them crying, and apparently in need of medical attention?

I can't leave you kids alone for even 5 minutes, can I?

What's all the crying about?

Oh. I see.

...well how did that happen?

Now I thought it was common knowledge, that when it snows, or when theres ice- to keep the kids in the grass. Stay away from the slippery areas. ...right? That makes sense? I didn't make that up. Ladies? Because apparently men don't know this?

Christopher then looks at me, and curiously says "she learned a lesson?". Notice the question mark at the end.

Yeah, what lesson is that, Dad? How to take the skin off of your wrists and elbows?

"I'm never going out into the snow ever ever again EVER!", shouts the pouty 4 year old, whose just been shredded by the driveway.

..."didn't you even try to keep them in the grass?", I ask Christopher.

And by the looks of the blank stare that he gave me in return- I can answer that question for myself.

To right his wrong though, Doctor Daddy pulled up a seat in front of his tearful daughter, called Hello Kitty for backup, and put the pieces back together.

She fought him, at first. Even Hello Kitty can't take away the sting that surely lurks inside of the neosporin tube.

He demonstrated on his hand first, showing her that it didn't hurt, followed by a minor threat of forcefully applying it if she didn't give in.

First one bandaid.

And then another.

And see?! That wasn't so bad, right?

...okay well, maybe the 80's rocker chick in the pink striped polo shirt hated it. The one who "learned a lesson".

Lesson: Don't fall on the ice. Especially when there is grass to play on instead.

She later claimed that both wrists were broken, so I stood up and told her that we needed to go to the hospital immediately. Because girly, if you've got broken wrists, how will you ever go bowling again?!

And wouldn't you know it, a miracle occurred, and she could move them both again almost instantly! Thank goodness.

I do feel sorry for her though. Slipping and sliding around on the ice, falling over and over again, while she was just trying to have fun. It must have sucked. And Christopher got an earful for it. I think he learned his lesson too. Keep the kids off the ice.

Now there there, Eleanore. Wonder Pets is on. And all is right in the world again.

Until a third round of snow comes tomorrow. But by then, I'm sure you will have forgotten about your previous declaration of never ever playing in the snow again ever ever ever.

Thats part of the magic of childhood.

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