6 months old, Evelyn June

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I can't believe that I'm sitting here about to write this. I thought about putting it off until tomorrow, because of the kinda funky mood that I'm in, but- today is the day, so.

Today my youngest baby is 6 months old.

How did the time slip past me?

It seems like just yesterday I was soaking my swollen feet in a bucket of ice water on the front porch in the heat of the summer, feeling kicks and jabs from inside- anxiously awaiting a new person to love. And now here I am, bundled in fleece from head to toe, as the temperatures drop to 9 degrees, listening to Evelyn's precious snore drift across the room from underneath her homemade blanket nest cozied in the center of her pack n' play bassinet.

Shes a still girl. If you put her down on her back, she instantly rolls over onto her tummy, lifts her head, and looks around. Shes quiet, for the most part. Shes only talkative when face to face with someone, other babies, brothers or sisters, ladies at the store with funny hats.

She has a strong smile. She smiles big, and she smiles hard. She smiles with so much force, that she squeaks. An extra bit of oomph behind her happiness.

Shes easy going- so long as shes in somebodys arms. We can usually get away with setting her down in bouncer/swing/bumbo- but only for a few minutes at a time. She much prefers to be riding on my hip, or drooling on Daddy's shoulder.

She loves her siblings, in a way that I've never known (I'm an only child). She doesn't care if they're shouting, or crying, happy as can be- just so long as they're near her. Her face lights up the moment they come within a few feet of her.

Her favorite place to be, is in the bath tub. The moment her skin touches the water, her legs start going a million trillion infinity-zillion miles per hour. She splashes with her feet so hard, that the water gets all over her face and startles her. But that doesn't stop her. She'll kick until shes wrapped warmly in her towel, and only then does she realize that bath time apparently came to an end.

She can't sleep unless she has a stuffed giraffe on her face, snuggly pressed against her binky.

She refuses solid food, she'll only take my breast.
And she does so, often.

She pulls my hair.
She has blowouts daily.
She sucks on her blankets.

Shes pretty much the greatest Evelyn that ever was.

So hard to believe that its been 6 months already.

My Evelyn.
I love you.

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