Reporting From Big Sisters Bedroom Floor

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hey guys, Evelyn here.

Soooo, things aren't going so well in our house today. Mommy had a heck of a time getting me to sleep last night, because I kept dropping my binky, and well- lets be honest, its wayyyy easier to cry about it and have her come put it back in my mouth for me, than for me to pick it up myself. I'm only a baby, ya know?

Mommy woke up and said something about swallowing razorblades? ...I don't know what those are, or why she would want to swallow them, but- she was talking kinda funny for awhile, and kept drinking water.

But you know whos really not feeling well?

My big sister.

It all started about 13 days ago. Elie woke up one morning and said that she had a sore throat, and then later that night she woke up crying, and Mommy had to run up the stairs and change her bed sheets and change her clothes? And then the next day she had a runny nose, and it just kept getting worse and worse, and nowwww shes got this awful cough, and Mommy makes her cover her mouth and makes her eat candy drops that aren't really candy?

Yesterday we went to the doctors office, and had to sit on the sick side, even though I'm not sick, and when the doctor looked in seesaw's throat, he said something about green stuff and a sinus injection.

...hold on, let me get more comfortable.

Okay, now I don't know about you guys, but I don't like anything thats green (yuck!). Also, what are sinuses?

So anyways, sister has been spending a lot of time in her room, laying in her bed, complaining about how bored she is.

Mommy has her room stocked with her favorite movies (and she just got two new ones in the mail from our Grammy today!!), tissues, and a pink bucket? Mommy got that bucket last time she was at the hospital. I only remember, because I had to drink that gross stuff that comes in the plastic boob.

And while sister was up watching Piglet's Big Movie, brothers face got really pink, and he started acting funny. He won't keep his fingers out of his ears, and he keeps saying his nose hurts. Mommy says he has to go to the doctor tomorrow.

But we were just there the day before yesterday!

I don't know you guys, I'm not too into all this sick stuff. Everyone whines and mopes around. Less singing to me, more sitting on the couch. I'm not a fan.

And sister's eyes look weird. They're all glossy, and they have dark things under them.

I don't like it. I miss my happy family.

So while everyone else is dealing with sinus injections and wiping their faces with white fluffy things- I think I'm going to just hang out in Mom's arms, drinking milk non stop, for the next couple of days. Its not like shes got anything better to do, right?

I'm a baby, so what.

This is Evelyn, over and out.

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