Flashback Friday- Instax Bowling

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Its 10:44 on Thursday night, and I've just now finished doing the dishes and cleaning the counters from the dinner that we ate 3 hours ago. There are piles of laundry to the left of me (I completely forgot that Christopher had started loads before he left for work, and failed to pick up the slack), and piles of shoes and toys to the right of me (again, slack left untamed). The kids are still sick, the razorblades in my throat have dulled only slightly, and- I just had to turn down a hot skype date with my friend Lacey because of how mama-tastic I look (squash spitup on my shoulder and a bandanna hiding any trace of a hairline- things aren't lookin' pretty on this end, tonight).

So since I haven't left the house (other than to go to the doctor's office, and for a friendly photo shoot downtown) in a week, I'm going to flashback to a month or so ago, when we took the kids bowling!

I got a new Instax camera for Christmas, so I took that along with us, instead of my Canon. I thought it would be fun for a change. And the look on the guys face (dude at the counter) when I mentioned something about film, was priceless.

"film... whats that?"
I know, right?!

Now, lets bowl-

Eleanore, hands in the air, jumping up and down at the thrill of knocking down just two pins. I can't even tell you how many times the guy had to go out into the lane to retrieve her frozen ball from its sluggish travels. She insisted so many times on doing it herself. So we let her. Even if her ball didn't go more than three feet.

And then the gal under Elie, is my friend Carrie (and her son's head, which isn't actually as close to the ball as it appears to be) mid bowl. I think that one was actually a gutter ball, but she knew I was taking the picture., soooo... totally not her fault.

This was the kids first time bowling. Eleanore fell in love with it. She brings it up every day still- "but yoou said we can start going more ooooften!" (did you read that in the whiny tone of type that I was trying to achieve?). Well we are going to go more often, though. Too bad the one time that we did try to go since then, the bowling alley was shut down for a tournament. That would have been nice to know before we unloaded the kids and got to the entrance, right? ...we ended up spending $20 on junk at the BX instead, just to prevent epic meltdowns and get ourselves home without any bone breaking tantrums.

Now Charlie, who was one lane over in the "boys only" lane, totally kicked all of our butts. He was a bowling superstar, even if they didn't have shoes small enough to fit his tiny tubby toes. I didn't get to spy on him as much as I did his sister, due to my being in the girls lane, and him squatting under his Daddy's spread legs (you're welcome ladies, for the butt shot).

Okay, and because its somehow been an hour that I've been sitting here at the computer (I guess I'm waiting up for Christopher, to greet him when he comes home from his swing shift at work?), I'm going to go ahead and wrap it up with just one more...


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