Better Than Bike Parts

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Christopher got a package in the mail- some parts for his bike (because the dang thing broken down since the end of November), and the kids went crazy. Ever since Christmas time, the kids go wild for opening boxes. They think that everything that comes is for them- which makes sense, since most of the time it is for them, but- this time it wasn't.

So when Daddy started pulling out big belty looking things (that Charlie later tried to put on his head, and around his neck), and tiny little bolt something or others in plastic packages- the kids were kind of dissapointed.

Umm, but wait kids! Mommy has something for you. And its way better than scooter parts. I promise...

What is it, Mama? What is it?!
asked the littlest.

What could be better than scooter parts?
the boys wondered.

...Thats right. Bubble wrap.

You're welcome, babies.

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