How Evelyn Celebrated The New Year

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Evelyn, the little dear, has been trying for weeks now, to roll over. She squawks like a dinosaur, or what I imagine a dinosaur to sound like, as she gets stuck on her side, and then gently flops back onto her back, and falls asleep from the exhaustion, right there on the floor, no binky necessary.

On New Years Eve, as I was geeking it up on the computer, and Christopher was over on the couch filling his eyeballs with words from his new Kindle (we really know how to live it up), I hear "Ooh! ooh! Honey. ...She did it".

Did what, did what?

So I turn my head toward the living room, looked in a backward motion over my right shoulder, scanned the room for either a 4 year old who had learned how to put her feet on the pedals of a bike in order to actually make it go, or a baby who had-

So sweet. So so sweet. My shoulders dropped, my eyebrows raised, and my lips puckered up into what I can only describe as a puppy dog sort of face.

She had finally rolled over. And then gotten stuck, found her thumb, and fallen asleep.

I ran to get my camera (RAN!). Moments as precious as that one usually don't last for very long.

See how the right one is finally over the left? How she finally pushed herself hard enough to shift her balanced weight from one side to the other?

...Okay this is probably one of those crazy-mommy-moments... isn't it? The kind where nobody has any idea what I'm talking about, except for me, because I'm in a total "yay my baby!" daze.

Its something so simple. Something that comes so naturally to the rest of us, just the same as breathing. But to her, and to me, because I made her- its so much more than just "rolling over". Its a huge milestone. Its her growing up. Its her becoming who she is.

So I hovered above her, looking at her through my lens, filing the moment both on my memory card and in my forever, and then-

But just as her lungs were about to burst with "give it back, give it back!", she remembered her great accomplishment of rolling over, calmed down at the listening of "you are my sunshine", and miraculously- her thumb was returned to her.

1 milestone down.
203802938408 more to go.

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