Eleven In Eleven

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I don't normally make "resolutions", come the new year. I used to, but they were always things that were out of reach. Almost like I was setting myself up for failure.

But as this last year came to an end, and the new year opened up, the goals that had been simmering in my brain stew started getting close to boiling over.

I wasn't planning on really making a list, but more like- just kinda keeping them to myself. Until I saw something that a friend of mine had posted (Mrs. Muffin, the same gal who did my blog design). Eleven In Eleven.

So here are my eleven. In eleven.

I know that most people call this a "project 365", which I've done before, but- I feel like a project with that kind of title requires daily postings, and obligations, and ... ugh. Can't I just make effort to pick up my camera every day? I might end up deleting the picture, or maybe I'll play around with my settings and learn something new. Either way, I just hope to better my photography skills, and get more pictures of my babies.

I know that kind of seems like a given- to love your babies equally. But the reality of it is much more difficult than it used to be. I'm making a very determined effort to not play favorites. To treat them all the same. To spend more time with each and every one of my children, no matter how much I might dislike them for their behavior or otherwise. I pray to God daily, to help me be a better mother. To give me the strength that I need to pick and choose my battles wisely, and the passion to hug the child that makes me the most frustrated. Loving my babies equally is a lot harder than it sounds.

As of today- this one is done. Its too easy to sit down on the couch to nurse the baby, turn on the tv, and get sucked into an hour long show, followed by whatever comes on after that. It only takes half an hour to feed and burp Evelyn, soooo- as much as I love Roseanne, it just had to go. Plus, I really want to teach the babies to get up and move their bodies, rather than slumping over on the couch in front of cartoons all day long. And again, its all too easy to turn on PBS, walk away to do the dishes, and then the next thing I know its been 2 hours, and neither of the older two have moved an inch- both still in full on zombie mode, bellys poking out from underneath shirts, crankiness about to set in as I reach for the power switch.

No more.

Ummm. But we did finally get a Wii. And Netflix. So-
To be fair though, we've had it for 3 days, and I still haven't played it.

I knew how to do a basic stitch, once upon a thousand years ago. I want to be able to make hats for my babies, photo props for my photography business, slipper socks like my Aunt Peg makes (ohmygosh, they're soooo comfortable). Do I get a book? Is there a good book? If anyone has any advice on where I should start, send me an email? Because this is happening.

Yeah this is no joke, folks. Christopher and I started this challenge yesterday. Him, on the highest level, me on the lowest (and girly style). Push ups really are one of the best ways to get yourself in shape, and since having my third child- I kinda need an ass whoopin'. So for me, this is going to be a 12 week program. 6 weeks girly style, followed by 6 weeks of military style. I'm so committed to this (I can't believe I'm about to type this...), that I'm going to video tape myself doing them and post it for everyone to see. I guess I should take before and after pictures too, huh? Just wait. In 12 weeks, I'll be a beast.

I don't know about you guys, but yoga makes me feel. And after I've gone a couple of days without doing it, I start to get crabby and lazy. I like who I am when I'm practicing yoga. I want to do it every day. Even if its only for 10 minutes. I know I've got 10 minutes. So far so good. 361 days to go.

This one isn't so much for me or Christopher, because we rarely get new clothes. But- when it comes to shopping for the babies, its so easy to put it off until the last minute (because we never have the money to buy them ahead of time), and end up having to pay full price for the things that we need. My goal is to buy everything, with the exception of socks and underwear, to buy everything from a thrift store, or at at least 50% off. I had set this goal, silently, for myself last year, and failed. Lets hope I can do better this time around.

Shopping trips and things are always way more fun when I dance around like an idiot in the aisles, and put bananas up to my head and pretend I have horns. I want to be more fun. I don't want to be embarrassed to have fun in public. I want to teach my kids a healthy balance of fun and seriousness. Like, pretend ice skating, politely and not bumping anybody, whilst searching for our favorite Tom's strawberry flavored toothpaste. We can have fun and take care of business at the same time.

Oh, and if I show up missing at any point in time, without explanation- its probably because I've been taken away to the loony bin, after showing up somewhere dressed in a tutu and fairy wings.

(I can't even eat apples, I don't know why I'm posting a picture of one, haha)

I know some of you think that I'm the healthiest person you know, because of my limited diet, but- totally not true. I really need to make an effort to take my vitamins 4 times a day, every day. I need to take better care of myself hygiene wise, meaning showering more than once a week, no matter how much I've got on my plate (like today, while hubby and the kids ate lunch, I ran upstairs and took a quick one before Christopher had to go back to work). I need to stick to my no-sugar guns, remember to put moisturizer on my face, and finally see a doctor for my TMJ and required jaw surgery. Its happening.

I'm usually only crafty around Christmas time. But now that our cable is gone, I can surely start more just for fun projects. Especially ones with the kids. Elie loves to do crafts. This goal is kind of for her.

And finally...

No further explanation needed, I'm sure.

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