Lazy Storm

Sunday, January 30, 2011

First of all, I have to tell you how out of it I am. ...I just started typing out my blog post, in the subject line. Talking my fingers to the keys, going on and on, and then I suddenly snapped out of it, only to realize that "hey wait... why is my page blank?". Wow Tia, go get some dang sleep.

But anyways, what I was going to write about, or more like- show you about, is the lazy storm that has clouded up and saturated the inside of our house.

We have the flu.
All of us.
Even the baby.
But not Christopher, because he got a flu shot.

Well, we're kind of on the mend now, with the exception of some pretty terrible coughs that may or may not require a chest x-ray or two tomorrow, and an awesome sinus infection for me, but- for the past week, we've been doing a whole lotta this...

Our eyes are bugging out of our heads, our skin is pale (okay, well Evelyn's skin is always pale anyways), and we just can't seem to do anything other than cough and complain.

Will the sickness ever end??

Lets hope for a rainbow brighter post tomorrow.
Also, some motivation.

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