How I Hide My 4 Year Olds Dreadlocks

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oh Elie- my beautiful four year old daughter.
You have not a care in the world.

...Which is why you have crazy hair.
Lets take a closer look, shall we?

Thats her hair.
Every day.

When Eleanore was around 18 months old, she developed something called "rhythmic movement disorder".

What the heck is that?

Well basically, come bed time, rather than going right into sleep the way that most of us do, she gets on her hands and knees, and rocks back and forth, or side to side.

If shes asleep and something disturbs her- thunder, a baby crying, a bad dream- she starts rocking.

Its been known to gone on all night long.
For hours.

Because of this, she gets crappy sleep, most nights.
Oh, and also- her hair is out of control!

She does it under her sheets or blanket. Usually shes "hiding" from the dark, which scares her, but even with a night light, she still wakes up the next morning with a friction forced rats nest.

I know some girls do their hair like this on purpose, pretty sure I used to be one of them, but-

Can you imagine having to brush that?

I'm not going to lie, as embarrassing as it is to admit...
I'll go days without brushing her hair.

We'll sit down with the de tangle spray, a hair brush, and a movie- but no matter how much time I spend pulling and tugging at the knots, causing tears and tantrums, the mess always come back.

So I gave up. I brush it once, hope that it stays nice and smooth for a day, but when she emerges from her nap that afternoon with a back-and-forth-back-and-forth bouffant, I quit.

My answer?
My savior?
My lazy way out?

Kitten covered headbands. might have seen them in some of our pictures before?

A year or so ago, Eleanore's pen pal sent her a package, and amongst the goodies was a headband. At the time, Elie wasn't much into wearing things on her head or in her hair, she'd pull them out or take them off, but one day, totally at random, she pulled the strawberry shortcake themed wrap out of her dress up trunk, asked me to help her put it on, and things from that point on would never be the same again.

Look at that! It doesn't matter how horrible of a mess her hair is- the headband not only keeps her bangs out of her face, but it totally covers up the disaster that the poor girls lazy mom (hi) didn't want to sit down and comb through.

Its so bad, that the other day when I was talking to my neighbor, she asked "yeah whats up with Eleanore's hair? Every time I see her now, its this big huge rats nest".

...yeah, about that.
I don't have the time to brush her hair for half an hour twice a day, sooo...

Whats up.

Where can you get these time saving and super cute miracle dreadlock concealers, you wonder?

From my friend Vanessa, over at Random Pretties.

She sells a pattern for the headbands in her Etsy shop (click the word "pattern" to go see it), for only $6. But uuummmm, I don't sew, so I sent her a message and sort of begged her to make some for me, which she did, and I'm so grateful.

And she sent me some too, for my bad hair days. When I wear them, I call it my Cinderella look, hah.

My life has gotten 9,000 times easier, since we started using these.
And anything that makes my life easier, might make your life easier.

Alright, its late so I better go rest up.

Tomorrow is hair-brush day...

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