Thanksgiving 2010

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The day started off with cold hard wood floors and a certain cheer circulating throughout the house. Maybe because it felt like fall? Maybe because nobody had anywhere to be today? Maybe because I got to spend all day in my pajamas and eat as much as I wanted to?

It was a perfect day, here in our home.

Christopher wasn't called into work. There were tantrums, but no meltdowns. And the house smelt like turkey alllll day long.

But before the day is over, and before Elf starts- I wanted to share some picture with you, uploaded straight out of my camera. No editing tonight, friends and family, just a camera, a flash, and some homemade stevia sweetened cranberry sauce...

We got a large bird this year, 22 pounds? We made mashed potatoes, cornbread stuffing, cranberry sauce (as I mentioned before), and gravy from the drippings.

All from scratch. All gluten, dairy, and fructose free.

I couldn't finish what was on my plate, by the way. But I sure did try.

Charlie wasn't so sure about everything. Too much variety, maybe?

...Or, a day filled with a lot of excitement, and a craving to toy motorcycles, more like it.

Oh stop, since when are you so shy?

...she pigged out.

Evelyn got hungry right around the same time we did.

So she pulled up a boppy and ate along side the rest of the family.

Oh you guys.

(Charlie is off somewhere with a truck in one hand and a car in the other)


Like you don't use your fork to give yourself turkey mustaches sometimes, too?

Anyways. My babies are all in bed now, and my husband is waiting on the couch for me to come and curl up beside him to watch our movie.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends and family!

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