Easter part I.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

This morning the alarm went off at 6am. Gross. Saturdays aren't meant for waking up early. But, because today was a special day for Miss Eleanore Sue, I put on my happy face and raced downstairs to boil water for our trial tea bag coffee. 2 1/2 hours later we were fed, dressed, and out the door. We met up with our neighbor and her 1 year old daughter, and pushed both girls in the double stroller down to the base youth center. Once we got there, I realized that wearing red lipstick was a huge mistake. The wind turned the tips of my hair into perfect paint brushes against my canvas cheeks. I baby wiped it off immediately, only slightly embarrassed that other woman (and their husbands, I'm not going to lie) were watching. When they announced that it was time to start the 0-2 age group egg hunt, Christopher (who was going to be taking Eleanore, while I went with Charlie) stood back. I nudged him forward, wondering why he wasn't putting on his egg-collecting game face. "Shes not two", he says. ...What? Our daughter? Eleanore? Yes, she is. We argued for a moment over how old our daughter was, and then they both headed to the hunt with pink basket in hand (pretty sure I know how old our kids are). Charlie and I followed. We mostly stood off to the side taking pictures and watching. Eleanore wasn't quite sure what an egg hunt was exactly, so she didn't collect as many as she could have. 10 chocolate eggs and a time out later, we had survived our very first Easter egg hunt. To be continued...


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