I Love You Beans

Saturday, March 10, 2012

We've never had much of a garden, here in sun soaked Texas. A few Easters ago the big gift giving bunny brought us tin buckets full of potting soil, pink plastic shovels, small purple gloves, and an assortment of vibrantly colored flowers to do what we would with them- but, the intense spring heat dissolved the flower's pretty petals into a sparkly dust before we even had a chance to watch them bloom.

We have lengthy talks of gardens- dreams of farming and harvesting our own fruits and vegetables- in our heads, we live on a cloudy prairie in a house that we built with our own hands, and all we have to do all day long, is spin around in circles in our apple orchard, and bake berry crisps between our handheld chalkboard writing lessons.

Have I mentioned that we dream big?
...Or maybe not quite big enough.

Grammy sent the kids "
I Love You" beans in their special packages for Valentines Day- Little beans scripted with those precious words, that you plant into prepared pots, gently water, and then set into the sun to live and grow. It maybe took a few days, but before we knew it, there were tiny green stems pushing up at the beans soil roof, and knocking on the walls of the plastic green houses that they came with.

The kids really liked growing and nourishing their bean babies. From planting them, to watering them, to checking their progress day to day- this was so much fun.

Far from an organic berry farm, but- its a start.

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