Thursday, January 5, 2012

Charlie has been so full of energy today- singing instead of speaking, running instead of walking, playfully toting around a big green army box full of plastic birthday dinosaurs.

For any other 3 year old, I think that might be normal behavior? But our Charlie is a little bit different from the norm. He usually stays on the shy side of things, plays it safe, and if anything- hides under a giant pile of pillows in the back corner of the couch, sometimes to the point of me forgetting that hes even in the room.

Today at lunch, after an impromptu trip to the park with friends (to which we were late for, because of a diaper mishap), Lightning McQueen decided he didn't want to eat his food. And thats okay, but- if you're not wanting to eat, then you need to take your tired butt upstairs Mister, its nap time early.

So he happily clambered up the stairs, and I thought to myself "yeah right, this kid is never going to sleep". I told him that I'd come up and read to him and tuck him in, and all that good stuff, after Daddy went back to work. But- it was so quiet after Christopher left, that I forgot to.

And then it was Evelyn's turn for a lay down.

But wait- why is it so quiet?

Oh. Well I guess he really was tired.

No lava lamp turned on. No Charlie the farm dog story. No "Goodbye, and I'll see you when you come back"'s.


My Charlie.
Sweet dreams, tired boy.

Remind me next time to wake you up before the 3 hour mark though, becaaaause- pretty sure you're going to be awake until midnight.

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