Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Today was Eleanore's last day of winter vacation. It seems to be extra long now, compared to when we were kids and it was only a week or so. Anyways- shes always looking for something to do, from the very second that she opens up her eyes in the morning- she just can't seem to sit still.

So this morning while it was still dark, as I was cleaning up the kitchen counter and in serious need of a nice clean white towel, I realized that they were all still in the laundry, or so I thought. Turns out Christopher had tossed them into a plastic grocery bag (so they were not in the laundry), and put them on top of a wardrobe box? Something about "well we're moving, so I didn't want them to clutter up the counter". K, well, we're moving, right- but we still have to clean our counters of spilt coffee, soooo...

"Hey Eleanore, can you fold all of these for Mommy?", I said, as I plopped the bag down onto the laminate floor in front of her.

She smiled, dug into the bag, and she was on it.

Do it girl! Fold, fold, fold away. Before the pile was finished, I designated this her new "chore" (because I can't stand doing it, and she seemed to be smitten with it), and then proceeded with wiping up my spilt coffee off of the counter top.

We had another good day today, with the exception of some minor bumps in the road pre green smoothie. An excellent day, actually. Every day, on the ups, I feel myself coming back to me. But today was extra great- because answers are always great. And today we got some answers.

We listened to the Taylor Swift station on pandora, which is extremely upbeat and the kids love it (aaand maybe I do too), while we snacked on veggie booty and danced the floors clean. They think they're sweeping, when really they're just making a bigger mess for me to clean up after they've left the room.

We went to the tucan park, where Evelyn voiced her opinions very loudly and clearly, shouting at me to help her up onto the fish steps. We made up a game called butterfly- you flap your wings and run, I chase you with my net. But if you don't flap your wings, then you're just a caterpillar, and I won't bother trying to win your affection. We also got splinters in our hands, because whoever designed the parks here, aren't very smart with their bright ideas of mulch pits.

Evelyn and I went on a walk by ourselves in the evening time. She carried her wobbly self all the way down the empty sidewalk to the stop sign, but refused to hold my hand on the way back, shouting "NO!" over and over again in the angriest little baby way possible, so had to be carried home. And just was we were nearing the house- 2 planes flew over head, split away from each other, and then flew back over head the other way again. It was loud, and awesome. Evelyn was mesmerized, with her chin tilted as high up as it could go, eyes glued to the bombers.

For dinner we had a steamy mix of kale and red and green peppers over a bed of rice, topped with a really good hummus. See the fancy trick is, to replace the tahini with raw almond butter. I promise you its fantastic.

And I finally used up the tips of my reborn onion babies. They were tasty. And everything that I dreamed they would be.

All of the babies are now in bed- and I'm about to get started on tomorrows night-before breakfast bowl (an almond chia pudding), and maybe snack on some chocolate hazelnut butter? Or peanut butter? Or... chai? Chai would be the lighter way to go. Chocolate hazelnut butter would be the delicious way to go. I'm hungry. Or am I?

Back to school tomorrow. Lah di dah.

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