2/366- A Rough Day For The Red Head And Me

Monday, January 2, 2012

Today started out on the edge. Charlie woke up before 5am, the baby woke up shortly after. I'm pretty sure that we went to bed sometime after midnight last night, so dragging ourselves out of our comforatable warm beds on an icy morning like this morning, just to cater to hungry babies who demanded that we play trains the moment our eyes opened, was just the pits.

But I made baked oatmeal for everyone in an attempt to cheer myself up, which sort of worked. All of our baking dishes are packed up though, so I had to use those littel disposable aluminum loaf pans? It was kind of cute.

As the day went on, things were up and down. My head wasn't fully in the game until after a serious skype date with a good friend in Norway. After that, and a giant green smoothie (oh my gosh todays was heaven), I was good to go. Lets build those train tracks, kids!

See, there I am, in all of my shilhoutted goodness.

This is one of my favorite headwraps right now, by the way. The lightness of the yarn keeps my head from getting uncomfortable as the day goes on, whereas some of my other headbands make my head hurt by the afternoon. ...I look like a total hippie when I wear it though. Which I sort of like :)

If you're looking for something similar, talk to this lady. She knows her way around a pair of knitting needles- and shes taking custom orders.

So thats that.

But now onto my 2nd photo for my 366 project (because theres an extra day this year, right?)-

Today sucked, for Evelyn. Shes cutting some molars, and they're tearing through her gums like iceburgs chopping up the Titanic. On New Years Eve she was up off and on all night long, just miserable. Crying and screaming and just wanting to be held. New Years Day seemed to be alright, but then today it was right back to feeling awful. Hold me, hold me, hold me. Make it better, fix it, make it better. Well after lunch time, which she had skipped, we decided to give her some ibuprofen and put her down for a nap.

...20 minutes later, Christopher and Eleanore go outside to spray down our mini blinds with the hose, and show our old couch to a potential buyer, and I hear a whole heap of coughing from an upstairs crib, followed by ouch-that-hurt crying.

Uh oh.

All of her bedding is currently packed up with the rest of our stuff- so the dirty sheets, comforter, and bff stinky had to go straight into the wash. The baby had to go straight into the bath. And we had to spend the rest of the afternoon holding an exhausted and exasperated baby that really just needed to sleep.

She had her happy moments too though. Charlie found their favorite rubber ball amidst the maze of boxes, so she chased that around between the kitchen and the living room for awhile. And then all of the kids stuffed themselves into an empty cabinet that used to hold all of our tupperware. They called it their cave, and pretended to be characters from ice age? Kids are awesome.

It took forever for her things to wash and dry. But shes held down a little breastmilk, and shes been sleeping it off.

Hopefully tomorrow is better?
Lets try to sleep in until 6:00 at least?

Also, remind me never to eat peanut butter cookie dough ever again, ever. Ugh.

PS. This is Christopher's last day of leave before going back to work (before taking more leave), so my 366s will probably become much shorter, and probably much less detailed. Sorry 'bout that Grammy ;)

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