Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Charlie's second bilateral myringotomy and adenoidectomy was a FAIL. Not even a month post surgery, and hes developed an agonizing ear infection.

He woke up with rosy red cheeks and an oven hot baby body, zero appetite- even for his favorite peanut butter oats, and heaps of lethargicness. He tossed and turned on the couch all morning, moaning and whimpering inbetween pauses in movies and Mommy's annoying "how do you feel now sweetheart??" questions.

Right around lunch time, his fever was on the up and ups, and he started showing signs of labored breathing- so Daddy whisked him away to the urgent care, where he fell asleep in his lap- the same way he did in mine yesterday.

There was no drainage from his tubes? He never once said his ears hurt? Maybe a trip to the ENT is in order. As well as lots of Land Before Time.

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