Monday, January 16, 2012

What is it about the backs of our cars that sparks curious imaginations in our children? Small spaces hold endless opportunities. Unexplored territories. Adventure and excitement, and maybe even a little bit of rebellion?

I remember as a young child, loving to sit in the hatcback of my parents little brown Hyundai, with the seats folded down. I can still remember the comforting scent. They would go to the drive in, stopping at McDonalds for a happy meal along the way (fraggle rock and barenstain bears toys, anybody?), and I'd have a nice cozy nest of a bed there in the back. It was my favorite.

Theres just something awesome about opening up the trunk and crawling inside. Its even more fun to squeeze your way through the front aisle or two, or even scale a leather wall, but- maybe easier access when someone pops open the door.

We were on our way to Natural Grocers for some care package items, as well as a few staples that we were in immediate need of- green crunchies for the addicted baby, almonds for almond milk, cayenne pepper, kale, and celery. Organic celery is awesome.

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