The Cat Snuggles Bean Bag Cats

Monday, August 1, 2011

This was going to be a post focusing on the awesomeness of Evelyn finally starting to eat solid foods, but- as I pulled the pictures out of the folder, I felt like I was ignoring the brother and sister, so decided to make it a random post about randomness.

So to start: Evelyn eats solid food now!! Never have I been so excited for one of my kids to make a mess before. But seriously, a 1 year old who is still strictly breastfed, is a little ridiculous, right?

She paws at bits and pieces of steamed broccoli/zucchini/sweet potato/avocado/cauliflower, takes licks and bites of Daddy's apple, and tears into bananas as if she has to kill them first.

The downside ...the diapers.

Charlie is as cute as ever. Always. He can't turn it off, no matter how grouchy he gets. So much different than his big sister.

-He currently has a clogged ear tube.
-He sleeps with 12 Cars movie friends in his bed with him, 4 of those being various Lightnings.
-He sings Care Bear songs to himself every morning.
-His favorite thing to eat is broccoli and avocado.
-He eats his food with his fingers, no matter what it is- forks and spoons are for boring adults.
-He keeps growing growing growing growing. Hes gained a couple of super pudgy pounds since we changed our diet last spring. We thought he was chubby then.
-Hes replaced my name of "Mom", with "Sally" from Cars movie. Eleanore is Mater, Christopher is Mack, and Evelyn is the annoying baby sister who has an evil plan to take over the world, so she doesn't get to play.

Miss Eleanore. ...I don't even know where to begin, with Miss Eleanore.

We've starting to wake up at 6:00 every morning, to be ready for school in 3 weeks. Day one didn't go so well. Daddy switches from swings to days next week, and we can't wait! This morning we got to see the sun come up, and it was awesome. We can't wait to get outside and breathe fresh air in the morning time, before the sun stirs it and starts serving burnt oxygen.

She starts soccer either this week or next, she turns 5 years old in just a matter of days, and then kindergarten is quick to follow- there is so much going on, in Eleanore's world right now. Big things. HUGE things.

When I look at her, I feel like I'm looking at an almost-adult. Sometimes I really struggle with remembering her actual age- seeing as how she looks like shes 14. Shes so much smarter than I could have ever imagined she'd be. So advanced. And so different. ...I'm surprised I was able to get even that picture of her. These days shes especially camera shy. Not if you're holding the camera, but, if I am.

And the cat snuggles bean bag cats.

...Yep. So thats whats going on over here :)

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