A Vlog? Vee-log? Vlllloggin'.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

So, I watched this afterwards, for the joy of feeling my pits sweat and my cheeks burning, and I have to say that it didn't out nearly as bad as I thought. I poke at my glasses a lot, which I do in real life, because they're constantly falling off of my face now, and I awkwardly look around in desperation for a focal point, the same way that I do when I meet someone that I know I'm supposed to get along with for the first time (bosses, teachers, etc).

I didn't quite dig into the whole migraine thing the way that I had planned on, because once put on the spot, and with two out of the three kids being awake (they both went down for naps 5 minutes after I finally figured out where the off button was) I forgot everything that I've learned over the past few days. Maybe I'll vlog again, after I see the specialist? But for anyone that might be curious, you can read more about hemiplegic migraines here.

Also, I'm really not a monster mother, although I know it looks that way when I'm telling Charlie to eat his dang food that he begged me for and then sat there refusing to eat. I love my children. I hate it when they don't eat their meals. The end.

Soooo... yep. There I am. Thats me.

Aaaand now I'll go finish my sons half eaten slobbery pears. Gross.

PS. In the video, I say "I just had so much THAT I wanted to say", even though it sounds like I said "shit", haha. I typically like to keep it clean on here, even though in real life my mechanic husband and I talk dirtier than sailors. I kinda felt the need to clarify that.

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