All The Cool Kids Pee On Frogs

Monday, May 23, 2011

We've never really pushed potty training on Charlie. It sucks having two kids in diapers. It hits us hard in the penny jar (might as well be wiping butts with dollar bills, right?), and it sucks being the one that doesn't call "not it!" in time.

With Eleanore, potty training wasn't as hard as we thought it would be. We decided one day that enough was enough, took away her diapers, gave her panties, and after she peed all over herself, well she didn't like it, so she didn't do it anymore. It was way easier than it probably should have been. Of course she had a lot of accidents before getting the hang of it- having so much fun outside playing that she couldn't hold it past the front door on her dash inside, waking up in apple juice blamed puddles- but for the most part, she learned the hard way, by having to sit in her own mess, and then get down on her hands and knees and scrub a dub dub it all up with kitchen towels, that if you gotta go, you gotta go in the toilet.

Charlie knows when hes going to pee. We noticed this a few months back, when he was freshly out of the bath tub, he'd look down at his pee machine, and then seconds later would turn the hose on. "Charlie, no! Why did you do that?! We pee on the potty! Or in our diaper! We don't pee on the carpet.", was our reaction the first couple of times. And his reaction? ..."I PEEE ON THE CARPET!! WHEEE!!!".

But then slowly as time went on, he starts seeing how we do things. He stopped using his frog potty as a pretend car to scoot himself around the downstairs on, and the other day when he got out of the bath tub, he looked down again, as if he were about to pee, and then asked to go on the potty.

And now he does it all the time.
Also, he drives cars all over his body while doing so.

Okay, all the time is a total exaggeration. But he does it every day now, at least once a day, for the past week or so. Its usually either mid morning or mid afternoon. Never both. Hes perfectly satisfied with getting the praise and the thrills that go along with them for just a few minutes at a time. And right now, so am I. I don't plan on sending him off to underwear boot camp anytime soon.

But it sure is cute watching the look on his face when he knows hes about to pee, looks down, and then smiles a big goofy grin until hes finished. So funny, boys are.

Keep up the good work Charlie!! You'll be saving Mama 50 bucks a month yet!

Oh, I mean- you'll have a great sense of self worth and get to wear your lightning mcqueen underwear and yadda yadda all that stuff too. Or whatever.

Heee heeee, zoinks!

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