A Day Well Spent

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Christopher took leave this week, as a sort of extended birthday present to me. Its been really nice having him home, considering how much hes been working lately. And by lately, I mean- the past month, and non stop. We wasted the first few days being lazy and fighting with the kids over fruit plates and water bottles, but today we got to actually get out of the house and play.

Favorite park, here we come!

The weather was perfect. Not too hot (for once), not too cold, a nice breeze- just perfect. So we climbed, and we slid, and climbed some more.

Evelyn is finally starting to like being pushed on the swings, even though she right away slumps her body forward and makes it impossible to push her back and forth, so we stood next to another lady pushing a kid that apparently didn't belong to her, and we made up songs about being a baby and how awesome it is.

We had so much fun goofing off at the park, that I don't really remember what wrapped up our trip. Suddenly we were just, home. And before I could even get my shoes off, Christopher was reading the babies a story. Which it looks like Evelyn hated.

I soaked some cashews for my raw vegan birthday strawberry "cheesecake".

I took some bananas apart and set them in the sun, as part of my "oh my god we're out of spotted bananas and I need you to ripen right now" experiment. Some are in a brown bag, some are with other ripe fruit, and those ones are hanging out on the window sil.

We did yard work. Well, he did yard work. I was planning on mowing the front, but I had a headache and couldn't see through his scratched up safety glasses, so- Christopher chopped the grass while the rest of us playing in the driveway, inhaling dry grass particles, exploring teeny tiny little rocks that we would probably choke on had our Mommies not been hovering over us, and riding purple bikes, because purple is totally manly, no matter what the neighbors say.

And the clouds were doing some pretty cool things.

And then the best part of the night, second to the absolutely enormous corncado salad that I had, was Christopher, after months of taking apart and putting back together his scooter, finally got the dang thing to start!

And you know what it was? What its been the entire time?

His kill switch.

Tomorrow we're going to the Farmers Market, going on a fun family picnic at a lake I've been wanting to visit, and blending and eating some delicious birthday cheesecake. I'm not sure if we'll be able to top our today, but we can sure try.

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