Caramel Apples

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The babies are picky- theres no better way to put it. Stubborn, and picky. We've been fighting over what to eat and drink for days. They were used to having sunbutter bars and homemade cookies as snacks, so making the switch to fruits and veggies wasn't one that they welcomed the same way they do a chocolate chip.


I reclaimed my status as culinary rockstar the other day, while in my 90th attempt at making the kids something other than the same boring fruit plate that both of them prefer. I will break them of their food strike, I will I will, I chanted to myself while brainstorming with the paring knife.

One of the things that they've really been into lately, is dates. Christopher bought a boatload of them before we cancelled our Sam's Club membership, and the kids can (and will) sit down and eat plates of them.

Have you ever tried a date? Becaaaause- ew. "It tastes like caramel!", was my response, before spitting it out and telling Christopher to eat the slobbery part I had failed at chewing. Which he totally did.

And caramel is really good to some people, but its just too sweet for me. Anything that sweet hits me hard in both the teeth, and the stomach. How in the heck can all 3 of them sit there and chow down on the things like they're a Thanksgiving dinner?

So there I am, hanging out in the kitchen with my paring knife, babies whining about wanting another banana, when I'm brushed by a stroke of, what at the time, I thought was pure genius.

Caramel Apples!
But, dates, ya know?
Which is apparently a no brainer in the rest of the raw vegan world.

So I blended up some medjool dates in the vita mix with a few splashes of pitcher water, and the end result was two happy kids, eating something other than bananas, being highly impressed with their Mother, who was at the same time disgusted in how much her children could enjoy something so sickening sweet.

There is now a huge container of the stuff in our fridge at all times. I can tolerate a little in dip form when combined with a dull apple, because it really does tastes like caramel dipping sauce, and it really is good, but- I still don't see myself feasting on a whole box of the sticky fruit anytime soon. Who knows, maybe I'll grow to like them.

Think I could get them to eat their leafy greens if I dipped the stems in caramel?
...I'm only partially joking.

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