The Blues

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

So Christopher is going up for a fancy new job. We've been scrambling for the past week or more, which has been terrible terrible timing, to get his application package completed by tomorrow. Part of his package is a head shot, but- the photo lab on base is closed until next Tuesday. Crap.

So he called down to the job that will remain nameless until he gets it, and asked the folks there if I could take it. And so today, during one of the very few moments of household serenity, we moved the dining room table, he got dressed up in his blues, and we took a quick first impression.

He said he needed to be turned to the side, but only slightly. "They only want the picture to see that I'm not fat".

This was one of the first pictures that I took. Whats with the big doofus smile, you wonder? Something about picturing me in my underwear. Clearly, this is not the shot that we used.

The moment of serenity only lasted a few minutes. They never last longer than that do they? But it didn't take long for us to get the picture that we planned on sending, so Christopher went to the rescue of the freshly woken up babe, while I fiddled back through our photo reel.

Him and Evelyn looked too cute- him standing there with his shirt unbuttoned, her happy to be in his arms- that I scooted them both back over to the wall for another frame before she realized it was time to eat.

Aaaaand they made nose scrunching faces and sounds, and it was perfectly adorable in all the right ways.

And then even though I wasn't looking my finest, I kinda wanted to get in on the action too.

Christopher snuck me a kiss just as I was pressing the trigger :) wish us luck? Cross your fingers and send positive vibes our way? We really want this.

Thats the picture that we decided to actually use, by the way. Less dirty thoughts and face scrunching, a little bit more Air Force professional. The lighting might be a little off, the color lacking warmth, but- hopefully his pretty baby blue's grab their attention the way it grabbed mine, and we'll be moving onto bigger and better things.

Heres hopin'.

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