Wordless Wedne- ...Wait.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

It was a rough night. Getting the kids through their end of the day routine was just dragging on, and on, and on. I tried to stop at one point, and remind myself that "this is what its all about", and in that moment I did get a chance to enjoy it.

A naked boy Charlie climbing into my lap (just after kicking his baby sister in the face). Evelyn screaming her flushed face off (having been just kicked in the face by her big brother). And Eleanore, splashing in the tub, flooding the floors that were previously soaked due to a kicking war that caused water droplets to fly through the air and land on my head, and spill red hair color down from my tangled pig tails onto my favorite green striped tank top.

I must have shouted "stop splashing!" ten times or more, but when the kids are in the bath, I somehow lose all authority over them. I guess they see the tub wall as being powerful? And in a way, they're right. The last thing that I want to be doing, is reaching in and grabbing slippery wet kids and pulling them out of the water, who would then be freezing cold and pissed off, and dragging them by their ears (which I don't actually do, but maybe should start), while I slosh along, soaking everything in my path, just to get them to time out for 2 or 4 minutes. Its just not anything that sounds like fun to me. On top of already not-fun that giving 3 kids baths at the end of the day already is.

They ended up not having story time. I hate that. I always feel guilty. And to try to offset the guilt, I follow up my "you will not be having story time tonight" with a "let this be a lesson to you"!

So take note, children: If I tell you to go pick up the play room while I'm giving Evelyn June a bath, you had better do it, rather than building duplo block towers and playing hide and go seek in the basket of stuffed animals.

After upset toddlers were in bed, and the baby was layed down after a go at some warm milk, I picked up the clutter around house, set up the french press for tomorrow morning, and sat down to answer emails and do a wordless Wednesday type post (thank goodness, because I'm really not in any kind of mood for creativity or mother/child romance), but-

Oh right. Its Thursday, isn't it?

So all of that being unnecessarily said, here are the photos that I was going to use for my wordless Wednesday post, which probably wouldn't have actually been wordless, and could double as a flashback (which I'm going to start posting on Fridays, rather than Thursday nights), because Eleanore's hair has clearly been hacked off since these were taken...

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