Magazines, Motorcycles, and Red Heads With Teeth

Monday, April 4, 2011

Evelyn's been doing a whole lot of chewing on things. Chewing on Giraffey's tail, chewing on blankets, chewing on flashcards and books- chewing chewing chewing.

The other day, when Daddy was working on another one of his long haul 12 hour shifts during the weekend, I took the babies outside in order to kill some time.

I had intended for everyone to run around and play, but- well things never go the way in real life as they do in my head, so only made sense that everyone sat around being lazy in the shade of the garage, rather than playing soccer in the side yard.

Evelyn chomped down on a musical storybook. I think she thought that maybe biting it, would make the music play? Little did she know, I kept sneaking my finger up past the stroller desk to push the button for her. So what if I cheat.

And guess what all of that chewing on things has done for her? Well it helped her pop out her very first tooth, of course!! This morning while she was gnawing away on my index finger, I happened to feel a couple of sharper than soft ridges, and wouldn't you know it... there was a tooth. proud of you, Miss Evelyn. You're growing 'em like a pro.

She did spend some time reading the book though too. Not just slobbering on it.

And by reading, I mean... holding, banging on, and dropping.

Eleanore, who had originally wanted to come outside to catch butterflies, had gotten a new Highlights magazine (thanks, Grammy!) in the mail, so she sat down on the concrete beside baby sister, and together they flipped pages and Elie asked annoying questions like "what does that say? What does this say? Can we make what hes making?".

...ugh, these kids actually want me to interact with them? I totally didn't sign up for that.

Lovey was there, too. Of course. Dusted with chalk and smelling like cow crap. He got a long awaited bath today, by the way (which was riiidiculous, on the boy-missing-stuffed-dog tantrum scale), just in time for Charlie to drag him through the dirt again tomorrow.

Oh Lovey. You'll grow old with us, won't you?

Something else that Charlie has become obsessed with: motorcycles. He thinks his Daddy has one (we all know better though, right?), so to him, anything with two wheels and handlebars, is a motorcycle, and totally bad ass in a I'm-two-and-motorcycles-are-like-superheroes kind of way.

To be fair though, I kind of fuel the fire, because I point them out whenever we see them (if Charlie hasn't done it first), and every time we go to a store, I kind of go out of my way to hunt for hidden motorcycle toy treasures.

Oh and hey- that air pump, is aaactually a gas pump (for the coupe cars and the like), sooo- since gas prices are sky high and all, you might as well just stop over here at our house, and the kids will fill 'er up for free!

And whats cuter than red heads and fallen Enaphents? ...thats right, nothing.

Congratulations on getting your first tooth, baby girl!
Please don't start biting me while you're eating.

I totally called it quits with photo editing, by the way. Nobody cares if my pictures look slightly less vibrant, or what shade of white balance is what, right? Okay just so long as we're all on the same page here.

Less photo editing = more time to blog = awesome.

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