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Monday, February 28, 2011

The post below was written completely by Eleanore. Sentences may or may not be complete, words may or may not make sense. I'm simply the messenger.

This is our pictures. I love them. YES! We are blogging right now, and it is so much fun! I think what a blog is, is when you write down stuff. Hows my hair look now? (she thinks you can see her)

Ummm. I love baby animals.

Do you know how to make a yarn bird out of glitter and apples slices?

Do you know how to ummm, make flowers grow with shoes and a huge pail of water? *she bursts into a fit of 4 year old giggles*

We're going to put up a picture, and then download it for somebody. I want to show you my stuff. Because we're blogging.

Me and Mommy took these pictures today...

I snuggle with my kitties. And then Mom takes my picture. My kitties are so happy, they almost cried. My kitties loved it, but then kitty knew that, but she had enough of snuggling.

This is my baby sister Evelyn. Do you know how to make a paper baby? If a paper baby is made out of a real baby, then Evelyn will become a paper Evelyn!

I like to snuggle with Evelyn, I like to eat with Evelyn, I like to ummm, snuggle with Evelyn, I like to hold her. All that kinds of stuff! Evelyn sleeps. A lot. Evelyn drinks boobie. Evelyn ummm, eats solid food sometimes (no she doesn't).

Evelyn does all kinds of stuff!

This is my bedroom! My room is good, its very neat.

This is my bed. I love my bed! My bed is comfy, and it is cozy, and it makes me warm and cozy when I go to bed.

Sometimes when Charlie is sleeping, I get to go color. I don't color all of the pictures, because I want to read. Soo, instead of sleeping, I color and read, because Mom lets me.

And sometimes Kitty is there.

These are my crayons. My crayons are fun and they are all different colors. I throw the crayon papers all over my carpet, and Mom makes me pick 'em up.

Want to see the inside of my closet??

My closet is very neat, with tons of stuff right in it, even my clothes for when I go to bed, and when I'm awake. I have some toys. And my movies got taken away but I can get them back I promise. (Her movies actually didn't get taken away, but her Hello Kitty comforter did)

Ok I'm done with my room now.

This is me when I was a baby. These pictures are in the hallway hanging on the wall upstairs.

I can scoot down the stairs on my butt. Mom always tells Charlie to scoot down on his butt, so that he doesn't fall down. I can walk, but sometimes I like to be a baby too.

I am 4! And I have a Mommy and Daddy and a Brother Charlie, and a Sister. I like kitties. I have tons of friends, and I make new friends. I like to play with my friends, I like to paint, I like to read books, I like to go places.

My favorite thing to play is hundred acre wood friends, I got them for my birthday!

My favorite thing to eat is cocoa loco bars. My favorite thing to drink is apple juice.

My favorite thing to do with Daddy is play with Daddy. My favorite thing to do with Mommy is blog with Mommy. Charlie is my little brother, sometimes he doesn't want to play what I play, but I get used to it. Thats all I want to say Mom, I'm really tired of blogging.

...Oh. I'll take that as my cue to wrap it up then.

And I want to be a photographer when I grow up.

Goodbye blogging friends!

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