Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Its common for the weather to change quickly, and drastically, where we live. I think the craziest shift we ever saw, was a 65 degree temperature drop in something like 6 hours? Its just one of those things that we've gotten used to.

A few weeks ago there was a blizzard that had us stuck in our house for 4 days straight. We were seriously feasting on plain white rice, and trying to convince the kids that the milk they were drinking wasn't from a crappy shelf stable box that we pulled out of the pantry in our time of emergency.

But then a couple days ago, not long after all of the ice melted- the sun came back out, and we were blessed with a nice little winter heat wave. An 85 degree day in February.

We opened up the back door, and let the kids run free. Sunblock, the sprinkler, the play house and slide- all of it.

But Miss Evelyn, with her beautiful white porcelain skin, layed down on a vintage floral pattern baby sleeping bag in the shadow of the fence, and enjoyed the view from there.

Okay so maybe the shaded area wasn't quite as fun as jumping through droplets of water exploding out of a flower shaped hose, but- when you can't yet walk, or even sit up on your own, you have to make do with what you've got!

And even though it may have been slightly less than torture, for the baby to lay there on her tiny ship of comfort in a sea of dead scratchy brown grass, it sure was fun for me!

Look at how cute she looks lying there, in her little red striped polo dress!
Feet crossed, tongue sticking out, HAH! The cuteness!

So she stretched, and she squealed. She reached for her toes, and happily strummed them like a guitar.

Brother and Sister ran circles after each other in the yard behind us, Daddy chased after them with "Monster Claw!", and I hovered in the dark part of the grass, hiding from the sun, and playing the part of Mama Bear.

But the warm air was just all too nice, and soon she started rubbing her eyes. Enough is enough, says the crying baby with her hands covering her face.

Soon rubbing her eyes turned into whining, turned into crying, turned into screaming. Not even an attack of KissesKissesKissesKisses from Mama and Sister could crack a smile out of her ready-for-nursing-and-a-nap face.

So Evelyn and I brushed off the dried grass from our feet, waved goodbye to our wintertime summer afternoon, and headed back inside the house for a round of milk and a lay down.

The warmth, the shade, and our toes will still be there tomorrow.

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