Happy Valentines Day

Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm usually really good about sending out things in the mail. Thank you's, Birthday cards ...Valentines. This year though- not so much. My brain has been warped by dirty diapers and sleep deprivation. The thought of sending out paper hearts to friends and family hadn't even dawned on me until it was much too late. I'm trying not to let the guilt hit me too hard. All I can say is, I'll be better next year. I feel like I'm constantly saying that, but what else can I do?

Until next year comes though, and I get my chance to make it up, I do have something that I can kinda pass off as a gift.

Pictures of my babybabybaby.

On her 6 month mark, I happened to get a brand new camera in the mail. A gift that my husband got me, because he loves me to no end (and shows me constantly). So as soon as the battery charged, but before the sun went down, I rushed all of the kids upstairs, layed out a blanket that my Grams had made years and years and years ago, and Evelyn and I had ourselves a cute little camera date, while brother and sister paraded around the room getting into Mom and Dad's dresser drawers and played dress up with slippers on thier hands and hats on their feet.

Surprise! I'm 6 months old!

This is one of the first pictures that I took with my new Canon. I had just unsnapped her one piece, and the way that she was sprawled out, with her white skin a glowin', and her fingers extended- it was just too good to be true. One of those times where you find yourself scrambling to get the power switch flipped on, and fumble through the numbers on the screen (especially this time, because I had never used the camera before) until everything comes into focus.

I pulled out her outfit from underneath her, and took a step back. Hmmm, diaper on or off? I wondered. But because of a bad case of thrush (gotta love those antibiotics), I decided to go with on.

She kinda gave me a look like "really Mom? We're doing one of these photo shoot things again?". Sorry baby, but you'll get used to it. For the rest of your life.

Tiny scrunched up tubby wubby toes.

She can reach her feet now, by the way. Always putting her toes into her mouth. She tried to do it in the bath tub the other day, of all places. Toes will always be more fun than toys.

As always, her back got boring, and she started to roll over. But she got stuck. So there she lay, weight balanced on her side, tummy bent and folded in the lumpiest of ways, just sucking away on her hand.

Too bad you can't reach your toes when you're on your side.

Could you be any more perfect?

Tummy time is easier than it used to be. There isn't so much of a struggle to hold her head up. She still can't get anywhere, but she seems to be perfectly happy just propped up seeing the world from a different angle.

And in a red polka dot aviator hat, with big wide eyes and a round slobbery smile- she really knows how to melt hearts.

Kitty jumped up on the bed to investigate.

A couple more tummy poses, before rolling back over onto her back. Its only comfortable for so long. And she hasn't quite figured out how to get back onto her back, yet- so we called it quits before the frustration set in.

The later it got, the faster the sun started setting. Just as Evelyn got tired of holding her head up, the room filled with bright golden rays and sun spots.

Just a few more pictures, before the stars come out?

The kids had gotten restless by this point- Mommy ignoring the scarves that they had wrapped around their shoulders as sweaters can only go ignored before they demand attention to their brilliance. I looked up at the clock, realized that I was 15 minutes past starting dinner, saw that Charlie's diaper had leaked out onto his pants, and did my best to ignore the attack that the small ones had taken on our bedroom at ground level. Back to our routine we go.

Evelyn, you're my afternoon sunshine- everyday.

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