Evelyn At 5 Months Old

Monday, January 10, 2011

Another month has gone by, and in that time, Evelyn has grown so much. More than shes grown any of the other months, I think. Shes learned how to roll over, shes perfected her laugh, shes figured out that sometimes she wants Mommy instead of that other guy.

The time passes more quickly with each day. 5 months old already? In another month, it will have been half of a year? But I can't let the nostalgia of her preemie diaper days tug the corners of my mouth into a frown. Instead, I have to remind myself to rejoice at how far shes come, and how much of a blessing she is to us.

Reading flash cards with your sister. Going on expeditions in the always changing Texas winter weather. Trying to prove to your big bother that you're really not so bad. Napping in the sunlight that filters through the back window. Helping Mommy do the dishes. Taking your bink out of your mouth and then screaming because you don't realize that the thief was only you. Stealing the spotlight and creating an even flow of jealousy throughout the house. Learning how to cry it out on your own, when it can't always be about baby. Loving your giraffe friends. Getting used to the wind on your white pudgy cheeks.

Everything that I can teach you, I hope.

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