Our Christmas

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christopher pointed something out to me, the other day.

This was our first Christmas together, just us.

Really? Is that true?

I suppose it is, isn't it.

Our first year in Texas, we flew home for the holidays. The year following that, Christopher's brother was passing through, so spent the day with us here in Abilene. The year after that, my Mom flew in from Washington to help out while we welcomed Charlie into the world. And then the year after that, last year, both my Grandparents and my parents came to visit.

So this really was our first year alone together. Just our little family.

I wanted to take more pictures. I had high hopes for showing off our beautiful collection of Christmas cards, strung all the way up the staircase, spilling over onto the garland beneath the living room window. I wanted to freeze the snow globes in time, along with the tiny curious hands that held them. I wanted to show you the jingle bells, the jingle bears, the hats and the books and the candles and the cookies that we eventually did get to enjoy- I wanted to show you it all.

But, my camera sat on top of the printer for days, collecting dust. Almost an entire week, we were apart. That mean ol' grinch of a stomach bug had me down and out for 6 days, if you can imagine that.

Come Christmas morning. Nothing stood in the way of the magic.

I know what you're thinking. Its a little bit ridiculous.
But Santa reserves the right to be ridiculous.

...besides, they're all mostly underwear and socks.
And lots of pajamas.
Okay, and an Instax camera, because apparently Mommy was a very good girl this year.

We made the babies wait. Before we could open presents, we feasted upon piles of scrambled eggs and stacks of light fluffy pancakes.

And whats worse than having to eat a hot home cooked meal on Christmas morning? Gosh Mom!

But eventually...

Eleanore opened up the new doll that Santa had brought her.
And Christopher, behind Eleanore, opened up his new leatherman multi tool.

Charlie became the Fire Chief.

Evelyn got some new drool bandanas.

And a new hat.
Doesn't she look thrilled?

Christopher scored in the Boise State department.
Thanks Noni. Thanks Grammy.

The older two got slippers.

Charlie finally got his George movie.

And of course, a George to go with it.

Eleanore taught us how to put on a hat the right way.

Evelyn and I cozied up under the window and opened up film, sleepers, and board books.

Charlie read us the 12 days of Elmo Christmas.

Eleanore replaced her head with a movie that is "more fluffier than the cartoon Cat in the Hat".

And then hours later, since we had forgotten about it being out in the garage, Evelyn gave us the biggest brightest smile, as she gave her new jumparoo a jump or two.

Shes still too small. We'll be putting that away, and bringing it back out in another month or more.

There were other gifts given and received, a delicious turkey dinner on our rickety dining room table, phone calls and text conversations with loved ones, and plenty of Christmas carols and cuddling.

Our first Christmas alone together, was everything that we had hoped it would be. And then some.

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