Charlie's 2nd Birthday

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Its gotta be hard, having a birthday the day after Christmas. You can't really compete with Jesus, ya know?

My goals are to never ever wrap his birthday gifts in Christmas wrapping paper, and always always always put just as much effort into his special day, the same way that I would with any of my other babies.

Even if I'm absolutely wiped out and drop dead exhausted from the days before.

The day started off with a plate full of hot pancakes, scrambled eggs, and ...SPAM.

Gross, right?
I know, but, Charlie loves anything meaty and salty. Spam, bacon, hot dogs. If given the choice between chocolate ice cream and Spam, he'd take the canned crap. Cute, right?

So anyways. He ate everything but the pancakes and eggs.
And then he ate all of the Spam off of his sister's plate.
And some off of the floor.

Its your birthday, kid.

We decided to do gifts a little differently this time around. Since we had spent hours the day before, in an overstimulated room filled with ribbons and bows, we thought spacing things out might be a better option for his birthday festivities.

So we let him open up a Teddy bear from a relative, first.

He hugged it once, and then let it fall to the ground, never to be snuggled again.
I do hate it when the kids don't bond with a toy immediately.
Into the tea party box it goes.

We ran around the house, played with some of our Christmas toys, watched cartoons, and then in a little while...

We opened another present. This one was from Grammy and Grandpa, in Angels Camp California. A super fun new Little People Animal Zoo!! And then a wooden fish puzzle from Aunt Steph, and some Little Wheelie cars from Noni.

Note: Photographing an I-got-a-new-toy excited two year old in the midst of the birthday madness, is not easy.

But soon things started to lose their thrill, and we headed towards the wind down.

"Snuggle Bobby!", he shouts.
"Read dis book!", he begs.

So we snuggle together in the corner of the couch, and I read him Peter Pan. Birthday edition.

And after a little while, it was off to bed for a nap.

Well, him. Not me.
I wish it were me.

But when he awoke-

It was time for chocolate cuk-capes!

There was no gluten, and no dairy, and very little sugar. There was no frosting, and no candles, but lots of singing.

And he was a very happy little boy, having the best, just-woke-up-from-a-nice-nap, snack ever.

And then we had lots of cuk-cape steam to blow, so we hopped on his new Christmas ATV (its not a power wheel, its a hop n' scoot) and we played.

And we had some serious in depth conversations about the football scholarships that we're going to earn and win when we're older. *ahem*

Enough of that Dad, how about another present??

Ohmagosh, ohmagosh, is it, is it?!?!


Look at him sitting there all proud of his new toy, with his new Dragon movie (ok so maybe the movie is more for Mommy, haha) lying nicely in the back.

More playing. More tickles. More "yayyyy, Charlie! Its your birthday!!!", and then-

A birthday bath.
(We love the letters, Courtney!)

Gotta clean the chocolate cuk-cape out of that hair, big boy babies!

There were no parties, and no pin the tail on the donkey, but- there was a lot of love in this little house of ours, as we celebrated the birth of our very favorite little boy, and all of the joy that he brings to us on a daily basis.

Oh, and did I mention that he had more salty meat for dinner?
So gross, Charlie. Just, so gross.

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